3 ways rest inspires my work as a self-trust coach

Hola Mis Amores,

I have to be transparent with you. Rest was one of the hardest things I had to learn to do because of my high-achiever tendencies.

Meaning I go from ZERO to 💯when it comes to anything that excites me.

For example:

✅ I went from ZERO pole dancing experiencing to becoming a pole dancing instructor in less than 6-months.

✅ I went from not running to running the NYC Marathon in 4 years and finishing in less than 6-hours even after I got injured.

✅ I went from feeling depressed working a 9 – 5 to living the life of my dreams, walking distance from the beach, and doing what I love in less than 2 years!

But even though my 💗 was in the right place, my patterns often lead me to see rest as a waste of time⏱️.

… and this behavior often leads to burnout🔥.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

If you want to listen to your intuition, you have to create an environment where you can listen to your intuition and silence the external world.

In many ways, my work and life forced me to learn how to rest and do it with joy!

That’s why today, I’m sharing 3 ways rest inspires my work as a high-achieving woman and how it has helped stay clear of burnout, operate from a space of ease and wholeness.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • How boundaries and rest work together to support you,
  • The power of celebrating yourself through rest,
  • How to be a magnet to receive the manifestations you desire with rest.

Rest has truly transformed my work because I am learning that I don’t have to struggle to receive the things I desire.

That’s what I want for you too, because that’s how you trust yourself more.

So Let me know what your relationship with rest is like in the comments below👇🏾

To Your Authenticity,
nory pouncil
Hasta Luego!

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Hola mis amores! It’s Nory here. 

Today I want to share with you three ways that rest inspires my work as a self-trust coach. Now before I jump into those three ways, and I will, I have to be transparent with you. Rest was one of the hardest things I had to learn to do, because I am what you would call a high-achiever. 

When I’m really into doing something, I go from zero to a hundred, like we say in New York. We go from zero to a hundred, which means I go from not knowing how to do this thing, not ever doing this thing, to becoming obsessed with it. 

I did it with pole dancing where I went from, never pole dancing a day in my life to becoming a pole dance instructor in like six months or something like that. Because I loved it so much, I gave it literally everything I had, and I just kind of stopped doing everything else. I also did it with running, I went from not being a runner to running the New York City marathon in like less than three years or something like that, it was something really crazy. 

So because that’s my energy, I like to achieve, I like to do, I like to deliver, I like to put things out. I like to sometimes be busy, right? The idea of being busy is what I had associated with success. Because that had been my story, rest was something I didn’t necessarily think about a lot. I actually saw rest as a waste of time. And because I saw rest as a waste of time, I struggled a lot with taking time off, and that often led to burnout. 

So when I became a coach and I started talking about self-trust and I started talking about the importance of listening to your intuition, I began to notice within myself how important it was to create a space and an environment where I could listen to my intuition. A space where I can slow things down from the external world and really focus on how I was feeling, and focus in on how I was moving through life so that I can move accordingly to what felt authentic to me. And that’s really when the rest entered the fold. 

In a way, life forced me to learn how to rest, life forced me to slow down. I’ve talked about depression before and my journey with depression. And I remember being depressed but that being part of rest for me, in a way, because those moments of depression kept me from taking action. And when you’re so used to taking action all the time, when you’re so used to doing, it can be really difficult to shift out of those patterns. 

So rest through my work as a self-trust coach has been a lifesaver, has really helped me. Rest has helped me really take my business to a whole ‘nother level where I’m operating from a space of wholeness, I am operating from a space of ease, and I am not forcing myself to burn myself out in the name of success, which is something that I see a lot of my clients doing, who are also high-achieving women. 

So, what are these three ways that rest inspires my work? 

The first thing is boundaries. A lot of people don’t think about boundaries as rest, but it is. Because when you set boundaries with people, with yourself, with your environment, you put yourself in a position to create a scenario where you can focus more on your internal guidance. So putting boundaries, being clear around my boundaries are helps me rest tremendously. 

Boundaries look different to different people. I remember when I first started setting boundaries, the one boundary I used to have was, don’t call me after 10:00. My phone is off, or my phone is in silent, so even if you called, I’m not gonna answer. And I started telling my friends that like, hey, don’t call me after this hour, don’t call me after that hour because I’m not available. 

And that was very difficult because I was used to being the type of friend that measured her success as a friend, by how available she was to other people. So when I began to set that boundary, it felt really uncomfortable, but my friends were very receptive, and they got with the program. It was a boundary that needed to happen for me to ground myself in myself and center myself, and it worked. 

So setting boundaries is one of the ways that rest inspires my work because when I have my boundaries, I can create a space for me to rest without feeling guilt, without feeling shame, without feeling like I’m doing something wrong. 

The second way that rest inspires my work is by celebrating. I actually just wrapped up a week-long celebration of so many awesome accomplishments for me and just dope stuff that has happened in my life. Like I celebrated a birthday, I celebrated hosting my first retreat for the self-trust system with my clients, which was amazing. I celebrated reaching five, what was it? I think I celebrated making like $30,000 in a month, I celebrated my birthday, my last birthday as a pregnant person. 

My last birthday before I have a baby, I celebrated six years of marriage with my husband. I celebrated my clients having amazing results, like they’re just freaking amazing women and they’re flourishing in so many ways. I also celebrated living the life I desire, being able to do what I love with ease and joy. What else I celebrated? I celebrated so many things, the list is ongoing. 

And when I take time to celebrate, I’m able to rest from doing all this work. I’m able to take out a space to really sit in my joy. And it was so amazing because I did, like, I went to the spa and I got a prenatal massage, which was really good. I got a mani and I got a pedi, I went to eat at my favorite spot, one of my favorite spots near Fort Lauderdale, it’s the steakhouse, and I also went to have lobster. And I just like really celebrated the fact that I can do all these things, right? And I just took the time to not work, a whole week off work, and really focus on celebrating myself. 

A lot of times, we wait until there’s a time to celebrate ourselves, but you can celebrate yourself at any time. And when you do that, you are allowing yourself to sit in the work that you’ve done. Which leads me to the third way that I embed rest into the work I do, and that is receiving, really allowing yourself to receive. 

Self-trust is about you seeing the fruits of your labor. So if you’re not allowing yourself to receive those fruits, and you’re not allowing yourself to experience them and to really sit with them, you’re gonna have a difficult time feeling like you’re trusting yourself with confidence or feeling like you’re doing the “right thing.”

Being able to be a magnet to receive, to receive the manifestations you desire, to receive the joy that’s available to you, to receive the abundance that you have access to, it’s really a feeling I can’t describe. And it has been one of the most transformational parts of my work, because a lot of my clients, they struggle with receiving. They struggle with accepting things like compliments, like more money, like time off, just people doing things for them and receiving help. So many of us struggle with things like that. 

When you put yourself in a position to receive, you let the universe know that you are available. You let the universe know that you are open and then things begin to clear out for you to receive more of what you truly desire. So those are ways in which rest has really transformed my work, and I have to be honest with you, as challenging as this was at the beginning, I’m obsessed with it now because I have been learning that I don’t have to struggle to receive the things I desire. 

That doesn’t mean I won’t be challenged, that doesn’t mean I won’t be uncomfortable, but it does mean that I don’t have to bring unnecessary suffering into whatever it is that I do, especially being pregnant right now, like I’ve had to learn to just be okay with the fact that rest is a part of my life. There’s not a lot of energy to do all those things I used to do before. 

So as I’m growing a tiny human, I’m giving myself permission to discover Nory, in this category, in this way, in this season, and allow her to rest with joy. And that’s really what I want for you too, because the more you rest with joy, the more you begin to see how abundant and wealthy your life really is and you feel like you’re exactly where you need to be. And then you trust yourself even more. 

Have an amazing rest of your day, let me know if you have any questions, let me know how you are resting, what’s your relationship with rest like, I want all the tea! And I will talk to you next time. 

Hasta Luego!

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