4 Reasons That Will Make You Go Vegan


I’ve been considering going plant base for a while. In my perfect world, I would move to a farm and grow my own organic fruits and vegetable because the more I learn about food, the more I am convinced that everything we eat is not safe. Learn why you should go vegan, to get more energy, get more rest, feel healthier and eat all day long!

Last year the FDA admitted that nearly over 70% of U.S. chickens contain cancer-causing arsenic. 70%! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As soon as I saw that we began buying organic chicken. My husband and I are privileged because we have the financial means to make that transition because organic chicken is very expensive! I feel for those not in a position to do the same.

A few weeks ago, I was eating chicken and broccoli for dinner and realized I was over it. The chicken was delicious but I wasn’t interested. That day I decided I was ready to transition. The meat industry in particular really scares me. I suppose I was tired of contributing to it.

So far my biggest challenge has been seafood because I have a soft spot for baked wild caught salmon. But I am slowly letting it go. It has not been easy, especially when I am at restaurants, but it has been worth it. So today, I am sharing 4 Reasons Why You Would Enjoy Being Vegan.

Goodbye Coffee & Hello Energy


I have a complicated relationship with my energy levels. While I dislike coffee, sometimes I drink it for energy when I am feeling tired. Transitioning to plant base has helped leave my need for coffee in the past. After my morning smoothie, my energy levels are always high! It is a great way to start my day.

Hi, Rest 🙂


I like to think of myself as a morning person, but for the past few months I was waking up grumpy and tired. Yesterday I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm! I actually thought I overslept LOL! I am pretty sure transitioning had something to do with that!

Eat Without Fear

I love food. My friends always joke about how much I love to eat. No shame in my game, I love food and food loves me. However, I used to live in a constant battle between my love for food and managing my weight gain. Since transitioning, I literally eat all day long and I am not worried about my weight. I struggled at first, but once I figured out the portions that work for me, it’s been a smooth ride.

Feel Healthier

I really do. This is not news to me because I went vegan for 30 days last year and felt amazing. However, this time I am ready to stick to the lifestyle. Since I’ve focused on eating fruits and veggies I simply feel good. After I eat I don’t feel tired or heavy, I feel alive and ready to embrace my day!

Since transitioning, I literally eat all day long and I am not worried about my weight.”

– Yenory Pouncil

This lifestyle change has been interesting, to say the least, but thanks to meal prepping it has been manageable. Don’t forget to check out my Meal Prep Pocket Guide. Have you considered going vegan? Why or why not? If you are vegan what are some benefits you’ve experienced?

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