4 Women Of Color You Need To Follow On Instagram


It is no secret that social media can be an excellent tool to use for motivation, especially for those of us on a healthy living journey. That is why I love Instagram. If I am having a tough week, like this week, I can always count on my followers and the people I follow to be my pick me upper.

A few weeks ago I featured a couple that I love! They are one of the many accounts that I enjoy following and sharing with you. I am constantly inspired and motivated by the transformations, by the food pictures, I am always ready to lick my phone screen, and I am moved by the stories of our tribe.

I have to acknowledge that Instagram like any other social media has a dark side, but we will not focus on that today. Today we will celebrate the good!

In honor of women’s month, March, I am excited to share and celebrate four strong, talented and beautiful women you need to follow for motivation. These women are dope and are not listed in any particular order. I love them all.


According to her site, Ashley is a resiliency activator, motivational speaker, mental health aficionado, content creator, sexual health lover, and gratitude filled young woman. I’m originally from NYC, a Queen from Queens to be exact.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley through another friend, and I fell in love with her vibe. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Her Instagram account gives you a glimpse into this caring and loving woman. I always look forward to her #mentalhealthcheckins where she gives you an update on her mental health for the week and asks you to do the same.

If you know anything about me, I am serious about my mental health. I appreciate Ashley’s commitment to making sure we are doing ok! You are the real MVP.


I love to dance. Everything about dance makes me happy and excited about life. It is pretty obvious why I love this account.

This is what their site has to say: Fat Girls Dance (FGD) is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance.

Fat Girls Dancing. Literally. Not just any dancing. Slaying some of the toughest choreography on the internet and in New York City. A new dance every week for one year.  (Yeah. That’s 52 dances. We’ve officially lost our shit.) We’ll film it, put it online, and document everything.

We are not professional dancers. We are everyday women who represent everyday America who aim to show the world that Fat Girls CAN. Fat Girls DO. Fat Girls DANCE.

Body image is something I think most women have dealt with; I am moved and inspired by these ladies, embracing curves and leave it all on the floor. Plus, dancing every single week, that’s a commitment! Yall go ahead, Queens!


A post shared by Francine (@fitlifewithfran) on

When I began following Fran, I was attracted to her gorgeous pictures. I enjoy her tips for healthy living. From recipes to motivational messages and exercises. This girl is awesome.

Fran is an Atlanta native, a modern dancer, running coach for Girls on the Run, healthy foodie, and barre class lover.  Her dream is to inspire women like you to embrace the body you’re in and be the healthiest, happiest you possible.  She wants to share the lessons and tips she has learned on her fitness journey.

If you are local to the Atlanta area I encourage to check her out, her recipes look delicious, and she is ready to help you crush those fitness goals.


We met while living in NYC. Ironically enough, I’ve never taken any of her dance classes. She has a team of remarkable black women ready to lead you on a path of self-love.

Phenomenally_fit believes that their Soul Purpose is to give glory to God through lifestyles that exhibit God’s love.

I hope you check out each of these ladies and double tap on their photos. They all have excellent content to offer.

I would love to know what are some of you favorite Instagram accounts. Tell me who I need to go follow to get my life. Let’s continue empowering our sisters of color and all women to live healthy and happy.

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