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4 Reasons That Will Make You Go Vegan


I’ve been considering going plant base for a while. In my perfect world, I would move to a farm and grow my own organic fruits and vegetable because the more I learn about food, the more I am convinced that everything we eat is not safe. Learn why you should go vegan, to get more energy, get more rest, feel healthier and eat all day long!

Last year the FDA admitted that nearly over 70% of U.S. chickens contain cancer-causing arsenic. 70%! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As soon as I saw that we began buying organic chicken. My husband and I are privileged because we have the financial means to make that transition because organic chicken is very expensive! I feel for those not in a position to do the same.

A few weeks ago, I was eating chicken and broccoli for dinner and realized I was over it. The chicken was delicious but I wasn’t interested. That day I decided I was ready to transition. The meat industry in particular really scares me. I suppose I was tired of contributing to it.

So far my biggest challenge has been seafood because I have a soft spot for baked wild caught salmon. But I am slowly letting it go. It has not been easy, especially when I am at restaurants, but it has been worth it. So today, I am sharing 4 Reasons Why You Would Enjoy Being Vegan.

Goodbye Coffee & Hello Energy


I have a complicated relationship with my energy levels. While I dislike coffee, sometimes I drink it for energy when I am feeling tired. Transitioning to plant base has helped leave my need for coffee in the past. After my morning smoothie, my energy levels are always high! It is a great way to start my day.

Hi, Rest 🙂


I like to think of myself as a morning person, but for the past few months I was waking up grumpy and tired. Yesterday I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm! I actually thought I overslept LOL! I am pretty sure transitioning had something to do with that!

Eat Without Fear

I love food. My friends always joke about how much I love to eat. No shame in my game, I love food and food loves me. However, I used to live in a constant battle between my love for food and managing my weight gain. Since transitioning, I literally eat all day long and I am not worried about my weight. I struggled at first, but once I figured out the portions that work for me, it’s been a smooth ride.

Feel Healthier

I really do. This is not news to me because I went vegan for 30 days last year and felt amazing. However, this time I am ready to stick to the lifestyle. Since I’ve focused on eating fruits and veggies I simply feel good. After I eat I don’t feel tired or heavy, I feel alive and ready to embrace my day!

Since transitioning, I literally eat all day long and I am not worried about my weight.”

– Yenory Pouncil

This lifestyle change has been interesting, to say the least, but thanks to meal prepping it has been manageable. Don’t forget to check out my Meal Prep Pocket Guide. Have you considered going vegan? Why or why not? If you are vegan what are some benefits you’ve experienced?

Ten Cuidado Con Los Salones de Belleza!


Recientemente leí un articulo sobre un salón de belleza Dominicano en Georgia que aparentemente mezclo el shampoo con alisador para lavar el pelo a una Afro-Americana con cabello natural.

La mujer indica que al lavar su cabello una semana después de visitar el salón, noto el cambio en la textura de su cabello. Des-afortunadamente esto no me sorprende, ya que en mi experiencia hay algunos salones que le tienen miedo al cabello natural.

Cuando vivía en NYC visite un salón dominicano, después de peinarme, la estilista me dijo que ella me iba cobrar mas porque yo tenia “pelo malo”. Nunca regrese allí. La idea que mi cabello en su estado natural es considerado “pelo malo” es una completa estupidez.

Desde que deje de alisarme el cabello en el 2009, me he enfocado en aprender a peinarme sola. La mayoría de los salones de belleza no saben trabajar con cabello natural sin dañarlo. Por eso deje de ir a salones dominicanos, porque la mayoría no entienden mi cabello y como cuidarlo.

El año pasado aprendí que debes tener cuidado con todos los salones de belleza no solo con los salones Dominicanos. En Septiembre visite un salón de belleza (afro-americano) en DC, para estirarme el cabello por primera vez después de un año de no estirarmelo. Estaba ansiosa por que temía que el calor de la secadora y la plancha me dañara el cabello.

Pero la estilista me aseguro que no tenia nada que temer porque ella sabia lo hacia ( -_-). El estilo me quedo bien, y a los tres días me lave el pelo porque me gusta mas en su estilo natural. Para mi gran decepción, mi temor se hizo realidad. Mi cabello no era el mismo, los colochos que antes adornaban mi cabeza quedaron sin vida.

En Noviembre, después de ver cada vídeo en Youtube y tratar cada receta para revivir los colochos decidí que era hora de cortarme el cabello y comenzar de nuevo. Esta vez fui a un salón con muy buenas recomendaciones particularmente por clientas con cabello natural. Yo nunca he usado el cabello bien corto y tenia mucho miedo que mi nuevo “look” no me quedaria bien.

Fue amor a primera vista. Me fascina el corte y ami esposo también le gusta mucho! Desde mi corte inicial visito el salón cada 3 – 4 meses para cortarme las puntas, ya que no se como cortarme el cabello.

Yo lo cuido sola, hago mis tratamientos semanalmente en casa, y lo estilo a mi gusto. Quisiera aprender a cortarme el cabello para no tener que ir al salón por que no se puede confiar en nadie!

Comparte tus historias con nosotros. Has tenido alguna experiencia familiar? Cuales son tus consejos para escoger un salón de belleza?

IAHF Running Club Update


With a lot of rain in late April and early May, it’s been difficult for the running club to get together consistently. We’ve been able to run consistently on Thursday evenings (even in the rain at times).

Tunde (our IAHFRuns Lead for Portland) is happy with the growth of the core runners who have joined this year. There are all levels of runners who not only encourage one another; they also have friendly competitions together.

Meet the iAmHealthyFit Portland Running Club!

As the weather dries up the group will move from two runs a week to three runs a week. We are also looking to diversify our group activities. Next Thursday our group is going to bring out our bikes out and ride along with bikers (75-100) gather on Southwest waterfront. If you’re in Portland you should check it out, Ride Yr Bike Thursday Night Ride.

This summer the running club will also be doing hikes along many of Portland’s area trails and mountains. This will give Tunde a chance to share many more photos and experiences with iAHF’s followers in his DiscoveringOregon series. So stay tuned!

One of our members is training for a triathlon this summer. We look forward to his posts sharing his experiences while training, he even learned how to swim so he could compete. DEDICATION.

He has convinced Tunde to do a triathlon in June 2017 in Vancouver, BC, so Tunde has to learn how to swim before then. He will be chronicling his tribulations with learning. More details will be shared on the site as the summer goes on.

Have you been running? Do you have any races coming up? What type of healthy exercises are you doing? We want to hear from you!!!

INDAGLO Yoga Event Recap


2016 has been my year of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. In February I shared my experience running with a group for the first time in DC. Last month I partnered with our friends over at Helix Social and covered their day workout party “Down South Bounce” in DC.

It was a fantastic event, with excellent music, great company and an intense healthy series of exercises (check our IG for pictures and videos). Today I am so excited to talk about INDAGLO Yoga, an event I attended last week Friday (May 6th) in DC also hosted by Helix Social.

Helix Social

Helix Social empowers people across the world to take control of their health and get in touch with the best version of themselves. Founded in 2014, They are an event planning and promotional company that specializes in hosting fitness events lead by fitness leaders.

Their mission is to provide businesses with the highest level of event planning available. By planning and hosting pop-up events throughout the D.C. Metropolitan area, they are joining a community of individuals who are striving to be the best version of themselves. Together they can experience even greater success.

Let’s Talk INDAGlo Yoga!

Over the years I’ve focused my practice at home. I cannot remember the last time I visited a yoga studio or worked with an instructor. When Helix Social announced this event, I knew I had to be there. I love yoga, I love meeting new people and who can pass up the opportunity to use glow in the dark paint? Not this girl!

The event took place at the Edgewood Arts Center which is conveniently located a short walk from the Brookland metro station in DC. When I arrived at the event, the amazing Helix Social team greeted me at the door.

Shoutout to the DJ, who did a fantastic job with the tunes! Guests were directed to the glow in the dark art area, where they had a selection of glow in the dark paints and freebies.


Sihnuu, a dope yoga instructor, led the class! I’ve been following her on IG for a while now and was extremely excited to meet her and attend one of her classes. The session was perfect!

Some of the poses challenged me, which taught me that I might want to spend more time practicing and consider working with an instructor. Thank you for your energy Sihnuu it was exactly what I needed.


After an invigorating class, guest were served delicious treats by a local restaurant. The food was yummy, they had plantains and a selection of Latin dishes, including vegan options. Helix Social gave away passes to Yoga Heights which, was pretty cool.

Major shoutout to Helix Social! If you are looking for non-traditional fitness classes or workshops make sure you subscribe to their newsletter. I really enjoyed their INDAGLO Yoga event and hope they host another one soon. Perfect way to enjoy my Friday evening doing something fun and active!

Check Out A Quick Video Of The Event Below!

My Weight Loss Journey: Can I have it ALL?


I had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration with my family! As I reflect on my role as a mother, I often think about my other roles as wife and friend. I wear so many hats that I wonder if I’m successful in each role while I’m on this weight loss journey.

Looking for ways to strike a balance between health and your day-to-day?

Today LaKisha is discussing how to take time for yourself while still being a mom, friend, and everything else in between.
Taking time for ME takes away time from my other roles. Can I have it ALL on my healthy living journey?


I have an amazing husband. He’s my #1 cheerleader. We’ve been together for almost 21 years and married for 19 years in July. I’ve always been the ride or die chick! Whatever he needs, I got it! I’ve always supported his dreams, and he has BIG dreams.

I try to honor our vows to be the godly wife that God has created me to be. I want to help him fulfill his God-given purpose on earth. And together, we will accomplish something greater than we could on our own.

Over the years, I had forgotten that I also had dreams and purpose. I’ve felt guilty for thinking about my needs. But I’ve learned (and am still learning) how to accept my husband’s help with making my dreams come true. He’s the one who helped me set up my blog.

He’s the one who encouraged me to do my first LIVE video broadcast on Periscope. He’s the one who takes care of the kids while I’m working out or getting out of the house for my ME time. I am so grateful for his support, assistance, and encouragement. He’s helping me! This helps make my journey a little smoother.


I am a stay at home mom with three children (16-year-old son, 12-year-old son and five-year-old daughter). They are truly a blessing to me; my miracle babies.

I suffered complications with each pregnancy and delivery because of my weight issues. They are truly precious to me. My children have different personalities and temperaments. They have different learning styles and abilities. But I get overwhelmed at times because I feel like I’m not doing my best.

I work out during the day. I have to fight for this time. There are days when the house is a mess, the kids are running around not listening, and I’m sitting there wondering if this journey is worth it. Sometimes I just want to forget about working out so that I can take care of the house and spend more time with them.

But then I realize that I can’t take care of the house and my children if I don’t take care of myself. The house won’t burn down within 45 minutes! LOL. The kids will be OK. Instead of always putting myself last, I must put myself first!

I must show my kids that they need to put themselves first also by taking care of their health. In fact, they sometimes join me on my workouts. They love eating my healthier recipes!


I’ve always been the loyal and faithful friend. I’m the encourager. I’m the shoulder to lean on. I’m the good listener. But when you’re always there for others, it’s difficult to allow someone to be there for you.

I would neglect and discount my needs so that I could be there for them. I would allow guilt to convince me that my needs could wait since their needs were more pressing.

I’ve learned (and am still learning) that I can’t do everything for others while neglecting and discounting myself. Taking time for ME to take care of myself is not being selfish. I can’t make others a priority, without making myself a priority.

When I can’t answer a phone call or respond to a text or email because I’m working out, having ME time, etc., I won’t feel guilty. I’m not ignoring my friends. I will respond later. But I know that I must seize the moment and take care of myself. If not, it won’t happen.

I’m blessed to have close friends who have been supportive of my transformation. While the dynamics of our relationships have changed, the foundation of love and support is still there. I am grateful!

Can I have it ALL?

Guilt was the underlying factor that determined if I could have it ALL on my journey. I’ve realized that I can’t have it ALL if I wallow in guilt. My relationship with Christ requires that I live in FREEDOM, not guilt.

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

~Romans 8:1 NASB

I’m learning that ALL doesn’t have to mean ALL at the same time. I am God’s daughter first before I am a wife, mother, and friend. He created me as His masterpiece. He made me fearfully and wonderfully.

So I must honor Him first by taking care of myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically. Then I can be successful in each of these roles.

I can be the best wife that I can be when I spend time with my husband. I can be the best mother that I can be when I spend time with my children. And I can be the best friend that I can be when I spend time with my buddies. It all begins with me being the best ME!

Balance is key to being successful on this journey. I know it sounds easier said than done. That’s why life is a process, instead of a project.

When you allow yourself to be transformed, everything around you shifts to welcome the NEW you. This includes your true relationships. There may be some growing pains. But you’re able to pour out to others from an overflowing cup because you have been taking care of yourself. Everyone wins!

How can you have it ALL on your journey?

Things You Should Know About Core Organic Waters


Here at iAmHealthyFit, we love sharing our thoughts on products that you might want to try. We test them, so you don’t have to.

Sometimes things do not go as good as we would like, but other times we are pleasantly surprised. Hence today’s post.

I’ve partnered with our friends over at FitApproach and CORE Organic to review one of their new lines of core organic fruit infused beverages! Now, if you follow me, you know how much I love water, particularly infused-water.

However, I know how challenging it can be to find healthy alternatives to everything that is out on the market. I was very excited to the CORE Organic line and see what they had to offer. Spoiler alert, the answer is A LOT!

What is CORE anyway?

CORE Nutrition, LLC. Is a health and wellness company founded in 2015 on innovative design and science by leaders in the beverage industry, CORE Nutrition is the maker of CORE Hydration premium bottled water and CORE Organic fruit infused drinks.

CORE Nutrition was founded by beverage industry veteran Lance Collins, best known for creating billion-dollar brands such as FUZE and NOS Energy.

New for 2016, CORE Organic fruit infused beverages are delivering what consumers have been thirsting for but unable to find, an organic, low calorie and great tasting beverage.

So what’s the inside scoop?

Glad you asked. Let’s talk quality. Not only is the CORE Organic, USDA Certified Organic, they are also low in calories (only five calories per serving).

They contain a low glycemic (less than 1g per serving) and if you are concerned about gluten, no need to worry because they are gluten-free, non-GMO, OU Kosher, soy-free, vegan.

As if that isn’t enough, each serving contains the same amount of antioxidants as a ½ cup serving of blackberries or cherries. They taste delicious!

I enjoy the versatility of this product. I used it when running errands while working out, and I even put it in my smoothies as a base! Great idea if you want to liven things up! You can absolutely #BeTrueToYourCORE and stay hydrated with CORE Organic!

Where can I get this gem?

Find CORE Organic at a store near you here including 7-11!

Self-love manifests itself in many different ways, and caring for our bodies is one of them.

Getting unstuck starts with taking action, in any way you can, so stay hydrated!

Get Unstuck Coaching Program

The Get Unstuck Coaching Program is for millennial women feeling stuck, that want to get out of their heads, and overcome their paralysis by getting to know themselves. You’ll learn to love yourself no matter what, you’ll know exactly who you are, you’ll have full clarity on what you want and will Fearlessly step into your purpose.

Interested in joining? Apply for a free strategy session to get started.

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

A Amazing Visit To The Tulip Festival


This past April as part of a day to celebrate our one year anniversary I took my girlfriend to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, located in Woodburn, Oregon.

I was enamored with some of the snaps and Instagram posts that my friends had posted the previous two weekends. Woodburn is about 45 minutes outside of Portland and about 30 minutes away from Salem.

Looking for something exciting to do in Oregon?

Check out the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, located in Woodburn, Oregon. Tunde is sharing why you must check out this awesome event.

The festival sits on about 40 acres of land and is breathtaking.

The admission price is only $5 per person, and there is plenty to do besides just look at tulips. They have plenty of food options, from corndogs to fresh kettle corn to pizza. There were carnival rides for children as well as pony rides. They even had a hot air balloon ride.

As far as the weather it was a picture perfect day. It was a comfortable 80 degrees and only a few clouds in the sky. We were also able to see Mt. Hood in the background and that made for some great pictures and great memories.

I would suggest going early and getting out early because traffic getting out can be kind of hectic. Check out the website and some of the pictures we took because words cannot do the festival justice.

This summer I look forward to sharing my experiences exploring Oregon through words and pictures. Everyone should explore the breathtaking nature that Oregon has to offer.

Let’s keep the conversation going on social media using hashtag #DiscoveringOregon.

3 Simple Tips To Embrace The Real You


Allow me a chance to introduce myself, my name is Jaliyla Tillman and “I am so happy to be here” (in my Coming to America voice). If you are wondering why you should follow my posts I invite you to read my credentials in my bio. I am who someone who is going through or has faced similar challenges to the ones you may be facing.

Learn how to truly love yourself, be the change you want to see and begin your weight-loss journey. Change can be difficult, but it is attainable.

I am excited to share my journey; how I got here, where I am going, what I am thinking and I am not afraid to make you uncomfortable. Today we will talk about my experience redefining self-love, owning confidence one coil at a time, and breaking barriers to find my purpose.

Redefining Self-Love

Pretty pregnant brunette with curly hair, having a sexy look and great attitude.

In my late-twenties, my metabolism changed, and I was NOT ready. Looking in the mirror, I searched for the woman who could wear anything she wanted. I wondered, where did this gut come from? It seemed like it grew overnight.

For years, I did nothing about it and kept being comfortable eating whatever I wanted, even though I did not recognize the person in the mirror. I did not realize that I had to be the change I wanted to see.

I wanted to love myself, to fix it I had to change my lifestyle and lose some weight. This wake-up call took me on a path to self-love and chose a different way of life.

Own Your Confidence One Coil At A Time

Close up of mixed race woman tossing curly hair

Raise your hand if you have natural hair and don’t care? MEEEEE!!! Thank the Lord for this new natural hair care movement. I have been battling stigmas around natural hair for almost ten years.

I made the transition from the “creamy crack” after I had another bad hair breakage. It seemed like no matter what I did, my hair would never go beyond a certain length and once it reached that length, it would just break off. After experiencing severe hair breakage, I finally decided to reach out to a dermatologist.

The result, of that visit with a well-known male doctor, lead to cortisone shots and was ordered to avoid relaxers FOREVER. For years I wore weaves, braids, anything other than my hair because I lacked the confidence to be me.

Today, I am finally comfortable in my skin and can rock a mean bush when I feel like it. Now that I am finally comfortable, I realize that the approval of others is not my priority.

Breaking Barriers To Find Your Purpose

Your entire academic career you are taught to go to school, go to college, and go and get a job. Well at least, that is what my mom said Lol. As a “good” daughter, I did just that!

In fact, I got two degrees and landed great contracting positions that paid great salaries and then some. I even sought out to land a permanent Government position.

During that process, I decided to build a Part-Time Direct Sales business. That change things! Somehow, I got the crazy enough to quit my job and take my sales business Full-time.

From that moment forward, it felt like my life began, and I embarked on a quest to figure out my purpose and what I wanted to do with my life.

I aspire to help someone else learn to love themselves again, find what they want out of life, and embrace their natural beauty. All of which I have conquered and am still working through today. The one thing that you can count on is me always telling you the truth!

So, brace yourselves because it’s time to #getUncomfortablewithJT. I hope you are ready!