Episode 07: Casandra Rosario on why the term Black is problematic to Afro-Latinx in the US

Your cup has to overflow before you pour into someone else, because you need the whole cup for yourself, in order to pour into other people. – Casandra Rosario

Today’s episode features a fascinating conversation with my girl Casandra Rosario, Editor in Chief of Food Before Love. Straight out of East Harlem, she’s an Afro-Boriqueña, serial entrepreneur with an affinity for experiencing life out of her suitcase.

During this conversation, we discussed our journey to claiming our Afro-Latinidad.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the lack of education impacted Casandra’s identity,
  • Why some people struggle to accept Afro-Latinx as black because they’re not African American,
  • Why Afro-Latinx don’t always address microaggressions from their loved ones,
  • And why you shouldn’t pour into others until your cup is overflowing.

Meet Casandra Rosario

Casandra and I met in undergrad during our grasshopper days at RIT. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of watching her blossom as she launched Food Before Love, a platform that celebrates food in all its many forms in cities across the globe.

She is one of the most hardworking women I know.

The woman is hustle personified. Whether it’s developing hospitality base brands through digital marketing, events or driving the business results of numerous companies, Casandra Rosario keeps food at the heart of everything she does.

Why Casandra

Straight out of East Harlem, this Afro-Boriqueña is a serial entrepreneur with an affinity for experiencing life out of her suitcase.

Casandra is a magnetic communicator who uses her platform, Food Before Love, to connect with food lovers and introduce them to the culinary experiences life is made of.

Food Before Love serves as a hub for where and what to eat in NYC and beyond. She’s also currently the Founder and CEO of The Rosario Group, an NYC based consulting firm with a focus on hospitality. She thrives at building brands from the ground up and supporting other creative entrepreneurs build their story.

Casandra uses her platform to expand, and amplify the voices of people of color.

I want to redefine the face of food to showcase more people of color. Because there’s very little representation of us.”

Connect with Casandra on Instagram @foodbeforelove and Twitter @foodbeforelove.

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