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The Power of Releasing Attachment to Outcomes With Ease!

Join 900+ ICONS mastering a life full of ease every Sunday while reading The Sunday Self-Trust Ritual (you’ll learn a bit more about business and relationships too). ​

Join 900+ ICONS mastering a life full of ease every
Sunday while reading The Sunday Self-Trust Ritual
(you’ll learn a bit more about business and relationships too).

The Power of Releasing Attachment to Outcomes With Ease!

If you want to manifest your desires with ease and joy, don’t attach yourself to the outcomes you want.



Attaching ourselves to the outcomes we want takes our attention away from our desires and puts it on trying to control something we can’t.

It’s simple.

You can control what you do to contribute to the outcome you desire and how you respond when the outcome shows up.

Everything else is outside your control!

Hola ICON,

Welcome to the Sunday Self-Trust Ritual! 

Each Sunday, I’ll help you learn and discover a pattern that might be looming in the shadows of your subconscious and drastically impacting your ability to manifest your next-level desires with ease.

Along with a ritual to support you in navigating this pattern with calm the next time you experience it.

This week is all about releasing the attachment to outcomes with ease which will put you on the fast track to:

  • Freedom and flexibility by opening yourself to new possibilities and opportunities. 
  • Improved focus by being in the present moment with more ease and flow.
  • Reducing stress by not worrying about what might happen. Instead being satisfied with the process and journey instead of solely focusing on the end result.

Here’s the thing:

You cannot control exactly how things will happen in your life.

When you choose to believe that you can control exactly how things will happen in your life and the timing of when they will happen,

  • The attachment to outcomes leaves you feeling frustrated and angry with yourself anytime you don’t experience what you want in the time you want it, in the way you envisioned it, and with the people you desired.
  • Over time frustration and anger overflows into your life, impacting how you act, meaning you start treating people differently.

You start putting the outcome on a pedestal and, above all else, including YOU.

Usually, this looks like:

  • Stress eating, 
  • Not being active, 
  • Feeling tired, scattered, 
  • .. and not feeling grounded.

You start being dismissive of others, ignoring your commitments, and getting annoyed and irritated easily.

Most people avoid these signals because they’ve convinced themselves that the outcome is most important.

Write this down in your journal:

What you resist, persists. 

The more you avoid this -, the more intense these feelings become. 

They will get louder and louder until you pay attention.

It can lead to feeling:

  • Defeated, 
  • Disappointed, 
  • Depressed and anxious, 

All signs that mean you’re not being your best self. 

Things can get pretty dark very quickly.

The attachment to outcomes also looks like this:

  • You don’t prioritize yourself,
  • You focus on people pleasing,
  • You overthink your decisions, 
  • You doubt yourself and your desires.

The Attachment to making $100K in 12 months!

When I began this business in 2018, I had one clear goal, 

Make $100K in 12 months.

Hitting Six figures has been portrayed as the holy grail in entrepreneurship, and when I began, I wanted in on the action.

Here’s what I didn’t know:

I didn’t know that obsessing about making $100K wasn’t serving me.

I thought that I had to do whatever it took to get it, even if that meant being unhappy with what I was doing and not having fun.

I subscribed to the grind mentality and convinced myself that I HAD to work hard to prove myself.

I became so attached to this outcome that I started defining my self-worth by how much money I made.

Before I ever reached $100K in 12 months, 

I had 11 months with $0 in sales. 

Each time I saw those $0s, I focused my attention on everything that was missing.

Here’s how that impacted me:

I felt less confident about myself, 

I felt frustrated with myself because I wasn’t getting the results,

I felt angry with myself because I was struggling to do the actions that would get me what I desired.

I felt tired. 

Tired of trying. 

Tired of rejection. 

Tired of disappointment.

The whole ordeal was exhausting and defeating.

Plus, I doubted myself the whole time,


  • “Am I good enough?”
  • “Do I have what it takes?”
  • “What if I have to get a job?”


I questioned myself a lot during that time because I had no idea how long it would take to hit my goal. 

This went on for three years!

Then in 2021,

I made the decision to release my attachment to making $100K in 12 months.

On March 2022, it happened.  

.. and you know what?

It took me 3 months to find out🤯.

Which is why I want to share this with you.

Decide to Be An Architect

Here’s what I do differently based on what I learned from this experience. 

Anytime I see myself being attached to an outcome, I acknowledge that I am presented with two paths. 

The path of the architect or the path of the victim. 

  • When I choose the path of the victim, I walk away feeling drained, powerless, hopeless, and defeated. 
  • When I choose the path of the architect, I walk away feeling empowered, aligned, excited, and energized.

… and even though I know this, there at times when I unconsciously choose the path of the victim,

Because that’s what humans do.

This is why it’s important that I’m constantly redirecting myself and aligning with the path of the architect over and over again, 

… which I’m going to share with you right now.

The Path of the Architect

First, I question why this goal is so important to me.
What does it represent, and why am I so attached to it? (usually, my sense of safety is being triggered). What do I want it to save me from?

Second, face the possibility that the outcome I desire can manifest in a way I didn’t envision. I remind myself that there are infinite possibilities to getting what I want; I’m only focused on one possibility. Here, I decide how I will show up if that happens.

Third, accept that whatever outcome I actually experience is the BEST outcome for me. Every interaction I have is an opportunity to learn how I act, so I can decide how I want to act. I learn as much as I can, amplifying what feels aligned and redirecting what doesn’t.

Fourth, take the next action I can control. ME. I focus on being in an inner state of harmony. Feeling my feelings, monitoring my thoughts, reprogramming my mind with new thoughts, and exposing myself to discomfort

The Joys of Releasing the Attachment to Outcomes

  • You put yourself and your desires first, no matter what.
  • You are present in the now with more ease.
  • You enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
  • You celebrate your wins and sit in the satisfaction.
  • You make decisions based on what brings you joy.

Why Am I sharing this with you:

I am sharing this note with you because there is power in letting go of the attachment to outcomes. 

When you attach yourself to outcomes,

You’re not aligned.

When you’re not aligned,

You’re not being your best self.

I know it is uncomfortable, especially when we really want something.
When your desires are linked with your sense of safety or security.
It can feel intense moving through that resistance and very uncomfortable.

At the same time, 

I KNOW that once you let go of the attachment,

You CREATE SPACE to receive the BEST outcome for you, and it comes to you with a deeper level of ease!

You focus your attention on what you can control, and you collapse the time it takes you to get it!

The Results:

You amplify the path of the architect and redirect the path of the victim anytime you spot it.

Over time the highs get higher and lows get higher, too!!

Once I stopped being mad about not making $100K in 12 months, 

I started seeing HOW I could do it while putting myself 1st!

I started manifesting this life with greater ease.


When you focus on what you cannot control, you lose sight of what you can control. 

You can only control yourself: 

  • Your beliefs, 
  • Your thoughts, 
  • Your feelings, 
  • .. and your actions.

To master a life full of ease,

It all starts with removing your attention from the attachment to the outcome and redirecting it towards You.

Seeing all the ways in which You can manifest your life with ease.

Embodying your highest self with joy, kindness, and compassion along the way!

The Ritual of the Week: Be An Architect

1. Get Aware: Expand your awareness of how the attachment to outcomes impact you. We’ve done this step together✅

2. Self-AssesHow you are acting right now? Are you attached to the outcomes you desire? How is that impacting your quality of life?

3. Take Action: Use the Path of Architect. When you experience outcomes in your life (wins, failures, mistakes),  learn as much as you can from them, amplify what feels aligned and redirect what doesn’t.

Before I Go:

Inside of the Self-Trust School  we are getting ready to plan for ourselves into our year. I’m excited about honoring my commitment  to block off 1 week every month to rest!

Have you planned your rest into 2023 yet? Respond to the ritual and let me know!

See you next week,

To Your Life Of Ease!

Yenory Pouncil

Hasta Luego!

Who is Yenory Pouncil?

I’m a mentor to ICONS focused on Self-trust and Success Mastery. I’m obsessed with all things leading to authentic self-mastery with ease and flow.

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

What can I do if I am feeling anxious about the future, nory?

What can I do if I am feeling anxious about the future, nory?

Whenever we’re feeling anxious about our future, it is usually a sign that we’re not living in the present moment.

… and if you’ve ever felt worried about uncertainty,

You’re not alone.

A lot of people worry about the future; we want to make sure everything is going to be ok, no matter what life throws our way.

Here’s what I’ve found:

✅ If you want to release the anxiety that comes from thinking about the future and replace it with a sense of ease,

✅ It starts with grounding yourself in the present moment,

✅ In other words, letting go of what you can’t control.

Enter Self-Awareness:

Self-awareness is the first phase of the Self-Trust System!

  • When you know how you react to uncertainty, you can decide how you want to respond instead.

  • No matter how much time you spend thinking about the future, the only place where you can take action in the present moment.

  • By shifting your focus to what you can do now, you can begin to create the future you want at this moment.

  • Anxiety comes from focusing on what you can’t control, and ease comes from focusing on what you CAN.

The best part?

You can do this!

Focusing on what you can control is a skill, a muscle.

Trust me,

You can learn it and get better at it over time.

I’m curious:

What’s your biggest challenge releasing anxious feelings?

So let me know what’s your biggest challenge releasing anxious feelings in the comments below👇🏾.

I’d love to share a strategy to support you.

To Your Authenticity,

nory pouncil
Hasta Luego!

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

What are your pre-requisites to feeling enough?

What are your pre-requisites to feeling enough?

So when I was an undergrad at RIT, I took some pre-requisite courses. Not many but some.

The data analytics series comes to mind, which was required for my Public Policy major. The pre-requisite was calculus which I prayed my way through because I barely passed pre-calc in high school.

I’ve never begged so hard for a 65 in my entire life, but my high school math teacher knew I needed to pass to graduate, and the Universe let me be great!

Anyways, whenever I’ve had to take a pre-requisite for anything in school, I’ve always known why I needed it, even if I didn’t understand it or like it.

One thing was clear; this is part of a path I’ve chosen for myself.

Today that got me thinking about  pre-requisites in other areas of my life,


What were my pre-requisites to:

✅ Feeling enough,

✅ Listen to my intuition no matter what,

✅ And trust myself to do the shyt that’s in my heart.

Here is what I thought they were:

  • Ask people around me if they thought it was a good idea,

  • Wait for people around me to give me permission to act,

  • Worry about what people would think of me,

  • Be afraid of failure and not getting it perfect on the first try,

  • Then take action, and keep it a secret until I reach my goal.

Here are the problems I ran into:

➡️ Projections. Anytime I asked people if they thought something was a good idea for me, they would project their beliefs onto me.

So they weren’t answering if it was a good idea for me. They were focused on if it was a good idea for them. We’re not the same person.

➡️ People can only give you what they have. So here I was waiting for people to give me permission to do what I desired, but those people weren’t doing that in the first place.

Talk about the blind leading the blind. I was asking the wrong person.

➡️ Approval. By putting the responsibility of making a decision on other people, I because a slave to their approval. So now, I was trying to please people instead of focusing on pleasing myself.

Since I didn’t want to disappoint them, I would do what they were doing. I would stay complacent, where it was safe even if I hated it there. Which, of course, meant I didn’t take action. 

💥 Here’s what I’ve learned:💥

If you want to trust yourself with consistency and silence the voices of self-doubt with grace, you have to shift your pre-requisites.

✅ First, accept you are enough! Being enough doesn’t mean you have all the answers right now or won’t need any help. It means you have everything you need to get to those answers and get the help you’ll need along the way. You are enough to execute your vision.

✅ Second, the only person who needs to give you permission is yourself. Why? Because people won’t deal with the consequences of your actions, whether you like it or not. So take the responsibility upfront, to avoid resentment and regret later.

✅ Third, do it scared. Fear-like discomfort is a sign that you are stretching yourself. You’re stepping into unknown territory. There is nothing wrong with going into the unknown, especially when you consciously choose to go there, following your intuition. Yes, it won’t always feel good at the beginning, but you will adapt. It is your human nature!

These steps are simple but not easy.

I know because I face this process daily. 

But you know what, you can do it.

Because You are Enough🥳!

Here is what I know that I know,

If you give yourself permission to trust your intuition no matter what, you’re going to feel free, excited, and more at ease in everything you do.

That’s what the Self-Trust System💎 is all about. 

You’ll feel empowered to live the life you envisioned for yourself with courage and consistency, even when it feels a little scary.

If you feel your heart guiding you to join us, the time is now.

The investment starts at $15,000 (payment plans are available).

Right now, we got 4 spots left.

Ready to take the next step?

To Your Authenticity,

nory pouncil
Hasta Luego!

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

My client Janel Martinez was featured on Vanity Fair!

My client Janel Martinez was featured on Vanity Fair!

One of my favorite parts of working with powerful women,

Is celebrating their wins!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janel as her Self-Trust Catalyst since November 2019.

She started working with me because she desired to embody the most authentic and abundant version of herself with ease.

During our time together she’s hit a number of milestones, including:

  • More than doubling her speaking rates,
  • Expanded her capacity to receive money easily,
  • Released a number of borrowed beliefs that were holding her wealth hostage (i.e. I need to struggle to make money).

She recently completed 12 weeks of the Self-Trust System, where we focused on one thing:

Preparing her to quit a job she started last year, that no longer aligned with her intuition.

Her last day was September 30th!

Less than 30 days later, she was featured in Vanity Fair.

That’s what alignment and Self-Trust look like in action.

Watch the video below to learn more about
Janel's transformation!

If you’re ready to embody the most authentic and abundant version of yourself, apply for a spot in the Self-Trust System.

To Your Authenticity,

nory pouncil
Hasta Luego!

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

7 Amazing affirmations to accept yourself when feeling anxious!

What are affirmations?

How do they work? 

How often can we use them?

These questions are the subject of today’s note.

Hola Mis Amores,

Today I would like to talk to you about affirmations.

You may have seen them on your Instagram feed,

Or perhaps you even have a whole board on Pinterest with a carefully curated collection of your favorites affirmations online.

Or maybe you have no idea what an affirmation is.

Either way, if you’ve ever been curious about affirmations, you’ll love today’s note.

And if your mind is already getting restless about how to get started, 

No need to worry!

Because I’ve included 7 affirmations designed to help you accept yourself whenever you are feeling anxious during the week.

Let’s dive in!

Affirmations are statements specifically designed to encourage and support your desired beliefs by grounding you in the present moment.

You see,

The mind is extremely powerful!

If you’ve ever felt anxiety (obsessing about the future) or depression (obsessing about the past),

You know first hand how quickly the thoughts in the mind can take a hold of you and shift your entire mood – even your life!

It’s important to understand that the mind is obsessed with problem-solving, and it will pull you towards that whether you have a problem or not.

Take a moment and think about a time in the last week when you felt amazing,

Got it? Great!

Now, how long did that feeling last?

1 minute? 5 minutes? 1 hour? The whole day?

Chances are that feeling didn’t last as long as it could have.

Here’s what I’ve found:

What does the mind do when you’re feeling amazing?

It will find a reason to worry, a problem to solve, if it doesn’t have one, guess what, it will create one!

This is what the Buddhists call a monkey mind. 

It jumps from one thought to another taking your attention with it every step of the way.

Why does this matter?

Any time you allow the mind to pull your attention at will, you remove your attention from the present moment and get stuck in your head.

You go on autopilot!

Every single second you spend in your head focused on imaginary or self-imposed perceived problems,

… is a second that you’re not spending in the present moment taking action to address the behaviors or circumstances that can help you achieve the life you envision for yourself.

What’s important to understand is that you can only take action in the present moment.

And affirmations have the power to pull you from the lure of the mind and ground in the present moment.

Like one of my favorite authors, Eckhart Tolle says:

All we have is the Now!

So how do affirmations work?

I think of affirmations as reminders of our true power.

They help us reconnect and strengthen parts of ourselves that we’ve surrendered out of fear of making a mistake or worry of not being good enough.

The best way to use affirmations is to recite them both in the mind and out loud anytime you’re feeling the mind enticing you with its problem-solving obsession.

Sometimes you’ll catch yourself stuck in your head after hours of ruminating or dwelling on a situation,

Other times you’ll notice the mind as it is getting ready to pull you in,

As soon as you’re aware that you’re stuck in your head, lean into one of these affirmations and feel each word in your body.

Concentrate on taking deep breaths and focus on the flow of energy within your body.

Become aware of your breath and watch how saying these affirmations quiets the mind in a kind and compassionate way.


  1. I accept all parts of me, with kindness and compassion. I feel at ease.
  1. I accept that making mistakes is part of the learning process. I feel empowered.
  1. I am grateful for releasing the fear of failure. Failure is simply feedback and an invitation to try a different way. I feel grounded.
  1. I accept that learning can feel uncomfortable. I am grateful for giving myself permission to grow. I feel lighter.
  1. I accept that all I have is the NOW. I give it my full attention feeling enthusiastic and calm. 
  1. I accept that everything happening at this moment is here to help me manifest the deepest desires of my soul’s purpose. I feel present.
  1. I accept that I can only control myself, my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. I feel joyful as I release any attachment to wanting to control others.

My hope is that each and every one of these affirmations will ground you in the here and now, and aid you as you build your self-trust.

Do you use affirmations

What are your go-to affirmations?

Please send them my way, after all, sharing is caring!

To Your Authenticity,
nory pouncil
Hasta Luego!

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

How to stop giving up unconditional self-love in name of validation!

Hola Mis Amor,

How’s your spirit today?

Every Wednesday from 10 am – 12 pm; I have a date with myself.

If you do not have a standing date with yourself on your calendar at least once a week, I highly recommend it.

Checking your growth is a game-changer because it forces you to look at your progress based on your bigger goals.

In other words, it gets you out of the details and into the big picture so that you can remain both focused and encouraged.

I always make a list of the week’s biggest challenges and strategies to improve in the future.

It’s like hitting the reset button.

Do you ever check in with yourself during the week?

Believe it or not,

Most people rarely build time in their schedule to check on their spirit.

Which is usually a sign that,

… we’re not putting ourselves first.

Of course, this is normal.

And very common.

Here’s what happens when you do not prioritize yourself.

  • You struggle to believe in our ability to make your dreams a reality.
  • You do not trust your intuition with consistency
  • You trade unconditional self-love for validation.

If you want to break generational curses + leave a legacy of generational wealth,

Prioritizing yourself has to be a NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Because when you check in with yourself regularly, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed and frustrated if everything doesn’t go as planned.

Without feeling overwhelmed, you can channel your energy + attention to what you want.

Taking consistent, intuitive action towards the life you envision for yourself!

Prioritizing yourself is part of cultivating your self-trust.


When you prioritize your needs, you give yourself permission to fail without feeling guilt or shame.

Prioritizing myself, has transformed my life and the life of my clients’.

Learning to believe in my abilities unconditionally helped me go from feeling confused and frustrated to calm and courageous whenever I feel uncomfortable,

Truly living the life I envisioned for myself!

Trusting myself with myself every step of the way.

When you trust yourself, you feel empowered to walk in your purpose without feeling paralyzed by overthinking and fear of failure.

If you’re struggling with prioritizing yourself, and your needs: 

The most important thing you need to understand is that having standing meetings with yourself is only a small part of an effective self-trust strategy. 

What you’re looking at here,

Is proven framework we use to help female founders unleash their self-trust in 90 days, without feeling paralyzed by overthinking or fear of failure, so that they can live the life they envisioned for themselves.

So I have one question for you?

What is your biggest frustration prioritizing yourself right now?

Please comment below  and let me know!

PS: Want to get notified when I release new videos? Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

How to use dances of the African Diaspora to be fit

How to use dances of the African Diaspora to be fit


In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating a mother, entrepreneur and Wellness Warrior you’ll love.

Pilin Anice is an Afro Flow Yoga instructor located in CT right outside of New York City (NYC).

What is Afro Flow Yoga?

Afro Flow Yoga® is a dynamic class that fuses vinyasa yoga sequences with dances of the African Diaspora and live drumming founded by Leslie Salmon Jones & Jeff Jones.

Getting in the work…

Pilin got into yoga and African dance her freshman year in college at Howard University.

This is so amazing and full circle because, at the time, I didn’t understand how connected the two were or realize they would have such a huge impact on my journey!”

After completing her 200hr RYT in 2010, she had a vision of merging yoga with dance and prayed on it. Shortly after, in a Haitian dance class at The Ailey Extension, she met Leslie and learned about Afro Flow Yoga®.

I knew it was the practice I saw in my vision!

Pilin started training with Leslie in 2011 and teaching shortly after.

It has been such an honor to share this incredible practice with communities around the world!

Pilin on the meaning of her work as a woman of the African Diaspora

Pilin and her daughter during their #mommyandmini2018 Yoga Challenge!

Communities with people of color are struggling with preventable diseases and poor health.

 It is my mission, not only as a woman of color, but also as a mother, to empower and educate as many as I can to make choices that have a positive impact on their health.

Making the shift to a healthier lifestyle can be a challenge because we don’t always see ourselves represented in mainstream yoga or wellness.

It bring me joy to know that the work I do may inspire someone to see its possible and begin the journey to holistic wellness.

Get into Afro Flow Yoga


Pilin regularly teaches and monthly classes at the Ailey Extension and around NYC and CT. You can find the schedule on:

She’s also hosting a yoga and surf retreat, Restore & Explore in Panama on Aug 8-13!

Connect with Pilin on Instagram @pilinanice

Get Unstuck Coaching Program

The Get Unstuck Coaching Program is for millennial women feeling stuck, that want to get out of their heads, and overcome their paralysis by getting to know themselves. You’ll learn to love yourself no matter what, you’ll know exactly who you are, you’ll have full clarity on what you want and will Fearlessly step into your purpose.

Interested in joining? Apply for a free strategy session to get started.

Unleash Your Best Self + Live A Life of Ease!

Master a life full of ease surrounded by ICONS committed to being the best version of themselves with joy, fun and enthusiasm.

The Ultimate Guide: Kitchen Tools Beginners Need to Meal Prep Healthy

The Ultimate Guide: Kitchen Tools Beginners Need to Meal Prep Healthy

It’s Saturday morning and you are excited to prep a healthy lunch for yourself.

Like a good student, you’ve done all the preparation.

You found a recipe that is not too complicated and you even picked all your ingredients from the grocery store.

As you start to review the instructions, you realize there are at-least two kitchen tools you are missing.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?

It’s like no matter how hard you try, there is always something keeping you from eating better.

You start to wonder,

How are you supposed to know which kitchen tools you need to eat healthily?

As a beginner, do you need every single tool listed in every single recipe?

If so, why do you need these tools? Are you going to use them more than once?

You want to believe you can make this work.

The question is how?

Good news:

You do not have to buy every single kitchen tool in every single recipe you want to try.


There are some kitchen tools that will make your journey a little easier.

This ultimate guide is designed to help you decide which kitchen tools you absolutely need as a health-conscious cook.

Make sure you save it and share with your loved ones around your birthday, and the holidays :-).

Before you get started with the kitchen tools,

Here are some things you need to know.


You do not need to run and buy every single item on this list.


You should go through your kitchen and check off any items you already have using the Kitchen Tools for Beginners Checklist below.

Download the list

You’ll be surprised at how many of these tools are already in your kitchen.


You do not need to go with my recommendations.

The items recommended in this post are items of my personal use that have worked well for me over the years.

You’ll see a range of price options for different budgets.

Do what’s best for your budget.

Next –

Let’s talk cookware safety.

Did you know that some containers can leak toxins into your food?


Unfortunately, some pots and pans can do the same thing.

Ok, I know what you are thinking?

Nory, how do I know what is safe?

No need to worry.

The folks at Gimme the Good Stuff researched it for you.

Here is what you need to know about the safety of your kitchen tools.

Cookware is made of a variety of materials. As the New York Times reports, some are safer than others.

Check out the breakdown below:

Safe Materials

  • Ceramic: True ceramic is life.  Beware of brands that coat their ceramic with nonstick materials. We already went over this. Teflon is no Bueno.
  • Porcelain Enamel: Enamel is a form of glass. Enameled cookware is most often cast iron with an enamel coating.
  • Tempered glass: Truly the safest route. There is cookware made of tempered glass, and if it is in your budget, you should grab it.
  • Crockpot: These have a ceramic insert and must pass FDA regulations for lead.  If you are concerned, get a cheap test kit and check your crock pot for lead.

Safe-ish Materials

  • Cast iron: The cast iron can help prevent anemia by adding more iron to your food. Switch between cast irons and other pans during the week to avoid ingesting too much iron.
  • Stainless steel: These are mostly good. However, stainless steel is made with nickel and once again too much of anything can be a problem. Switch it up during the week to keep it on the safe side.
  • Titanium:  The only reason to be cautious about titanium cookware is that it seems that most manufacturers now coat their titanium cookware with non-stick finishes, which brings us back to Teflon. Moral of the story? Avoid cookware that is coated with non-stick finishes.

Use with Caution

  • Aluminum:  Avoid all aluminum cookware. Note that pans with an aluminum core within cookware made of safer metals (such as stainless steel) are fine.
  • Unprotected Copper: Too much of anything is not right for you. Too much copper in your body can be toxic. Some foods react with unprotected copper cookware and leach too much copper into your food.
  • Non-stick /Teflon:  You might have heard Teflon is safe, I thought it was too. Until learning how toxic it is. The EPA told companies in 2015 to phase it out. The American Cancer Society even weigh in on this.
  • Plastic: Apparently you can get a plastic pot. Yea, don’t do that. While we are at it, do not microwave your food in plastic either.

So what does this all mean?

As you decide which tools to purchase keep an eye out for materials that are not safe for you and your family.

Keep in mind that your budget will also dictate how safe you can go. Start where you are and slowly save for safer cooking ware.

Now let’s dive into the list of kitchen tools.

Remember you do not need to buy every single item on this list right away.

Take your time and start with the items you will use the most.

Download the list

Kitchen Tools

Baking Dish

If you want to start meal prepping you need this in your life. Baking is the most time efficient way to cook multiple things at once. You can use it to cook all your vegetables, meats, and even rice in the oven. I own a set of two which are great when preparing different types of fish or veggies for the week. They are easy to use and easy to clean. Plus, they are dishwasher friendly. They are great to marinate mushrooms too.

Nory’s Pick:

Pyrex Basics Clear Oblong Glass Baking Dishes

Baking Trays

Are you a fan or frozen items? My husband and I have a sweet spot for frozen potato wedges; our baking tray is perfect for them. You can also use them for things like cookies, bread, and other vegetables. We use ours at least once a week to make plantain chips. These are perfect for quick meals when you do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2


Do you need a blender? Yes. Just not a fancy one. Blenders are great especially for people short of time. If you like to have breakfast on the go, blenders are perfect for smoothies, if you are into soups or purees, having a blender would change your life.

The question is, how much should you spend on a blender? That’s up to you and your budget. You can buy a blender only for smoothies, or you can invest in a set that includes attachments like food processors. You can start with something simple and get more attachments later.

Nory’s Pick:

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2

Can Opener

Canned food is not the devil. If you are short on time, there are plenty of healthy canned options you can use to eat better. You will need a can opener. No way around this!

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Chef Knives

Do you hate struggling to cut meat or vegetables? It has nothing to do with your strength and everything to with your dull knife.

A good chef knife is the answer to your cutting problems. This handy tool will help save time when cooking and make cooking your meals feel like a breeze. Seriously, when I invested in a chef knife, it changed my life. You can start with one and build a collection as you get more advanced in the kitchen.

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2


These are great for cleaning when you are cooking, and you can slip a damp towel under the cutting board to prevent it from moving. Cloths are great to keep your hands clean when you are cooking too.

Nory’s pick

Option #2

Option #3


Perfect for draining and rinsing canned goods, rice, pasta, vegetables. Get one on the bigger side to avoid running out of room. I use my colander every single time I cook.

Nory’s Pick:

Stainless Steel Colander – Micro-Perforated Strainer

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2

Cooking Set

You need a cooking set sis. Once again, you don’t need Rachel Ray’s cooking set, just the essentials. A saucepan, a non-stick sauté pan, and a large stockpot. Depending on how much you cook and for how many people you might need different sizes, you just need the basics to get started.

What are they good for? The non-stick sauté pan is great for searing and sautéing meats, vegetables. The saucepan is perfect for cooking rice, vegetables, reheating soups and sauces. The large stockpot is great for making pasta, making stock, making chili, and making soup.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Crock Pot

Crock pots are slow cookers that are perfect for eating healthy on a budget. You can leave your slow cooker for hours or overnight to bring out the flavors in your food. Your slow cooker is perfect for making broths, chili’s, vegetables and everything else in between!

Nory’s Pick:

Crock-Pot 7-Quart Manual Slow Cooker

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2

Cutting Board

If you do not have a cutting board in your kitchen, it is time to invest in one. Like yesterday. I recommend you invest in two cutting boards. One for meats and pungent items like garlic and onions. One for fruits and vegetables. Have you ever cut mangos or apples after cutting onions and tried to eat them? Take my word for it; it is not pleasant.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Foreman Grill

When I visited my now husband’s apartment for the first time, he used his Foreman Grill to cook grilled chicken for me. I was amazed at how great the chicken tasted and more importantly how fast it cooked.

If you do not have access to a grill this a great investment. You can use the ridged side for grilling anything you want and the smooth side for making eggs, pancakes, even tortillas. If space is an issue for you, this item is a lifesaver and a must-have.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Food Scale

If you are a beginner, the food scale is your new best friend. The food scale will help you keep your portions under control. How else are you supposed to know how big a 2 oz. is?

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Download the checklist

Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

We all need a vegetable peeler. It is great for vegetables and fruits. Consider getting a julienne vegetable peeler because it will help you reinvent your food. Is like having a spiralizer and a peeler in one. You can make fine noodles from zucchini, carrots, beets, and other veggies perfect for salads or bowls. It is easy to clean and smaller than a spiralizer.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Measuring Cups

Some items on this list are designed to help you control your portions. Every single recipe you try will require measuring cups. How else would you know how much a cup, ½ a cup or even ⅛ of a cup means? Do not get fancy, a simple set of the one below will work just fine.

Nory’s Pick:

Pyrex 3-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set. Source Amazon.

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2

Measuring Spoons

Ever try to eyeball a ⅛ of a teaspoon of anything? How are you supposed to know how much that is? The good news is the measuring spoons will take care of that. Using these tools, you will avoid over seasoning your food, and you will better control how much salt and added sugar you use.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Meat thermometer

As a health-conscious new cook, food safety is your priority. How do you know if your food is ready? That’s where the meat thermometer comes in. The meat thermometer will help you avoid undercooking your food and keep you from getting sick.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Metal Tongs

Tired of burning your fingers trying to turn your food? Time to invest in metal tongs. Not only will they help you avoid injuries, but they will also help you cook your food evenly. These come handy especially when you are grilling.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Mixing Bowls

Don’t you hate it when you put dressing on your salad, and it is not equally distributed? Yea, me too. Mixing bowls would take of that issue. The bowls are also perfect for seasoning and marinating your meat, vegetables and anything your heart desires.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Oven mitts

Avoid burning your hand when checking on your goodies in the oven. These are also great for moving your pots while keeping your fingers injury-free.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Parchment paper

Parchment paper is grease- and moisture-resistant paper specially treated for oven use. You can use it to line cake molds and baking sheets, to wrap fish and to cover countertops during messy tasks to make cleanup easy.

Nory’s Pick:

Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper

Nory’s pick

Option #1

Option #2

Stirring Spoons and Spatulas

Stirring spoons are a must-have for cooking. You can use it in your soups, chillis, with your rice, stews, you name it. You can use it to flip, mix, stir and scrape your food. Wood is a great material because it is safe and easy to clean. Did you know that if you place a wooden spoon placed on the top of a pot it would keep it from boiling over? Yep. Give it a try!

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Storage Containers

You might be thinking, you need fancy containers. You don’t. Having the right containers is essential because they help keep your food fresh.

For lunches and dinners, I recommend using glass. They are great because glass does not leak any chemicals into your food. For items like nuts, seeds, and fruits you can use BPA free plastic containers. Use these when you are on the road and need to have snacks handy. They are lighter and easy to carry.

Nory’s Pick:

ProGlass 24-Piece Food Storage Set with Easy Snap Lids

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

There you have it.

Being a health-conscious cook is not always easy. There is lot’s to learn, and at times, you will get frustrated and overwhelmed.

Do not panic.

This list is the best place to get started.

Yes, this list is long.

However, remember, it’s a guide, not the rule of law. Be patient with yourself and start where you are.

You can do this.

Do not let your kitchen tools stand in the way of the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

Afterall isn’t that why you are here?

So do it.

Download the checklist  and review your kitchen today.

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