Episode 12: How to be the best version of yourself with Delilah Cruz

Every single failure I’ve experienced is part of my testimony. – Delilah Cruz


In today’s episode, I’m excited to chat with Delilah Cruz, also known as Delilah Dee.

Delilah is the founder of Delilah & Company, LLC- a digital content & events agency that pushes positive messages from influencers to the public. The Philadelphia born and raised, proud Latina serves as an embodiment of vitality in the lives of those she serves.

During our conversation, we discussed why Delilah denied her Peruvian heritage growing up, even though she was raised by her Peruvian side of her family. Delilah shares how colorism impacts the latin community and why she doesn’t feel comfortable using the term Afro-Latina and.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Delilah has created a safe space that brings both African Americans and Latinx together,
  • How you can be your best self and,
  • What you can do today to make the world a better place.

Meet Delilah Cruz

Through this agency, Delilah and her team produce inspirational and digital content that conveys the concept of resilience. Majorly, the sole purpose of the agency’s aim is to help the public realize their purpose and maximize their potential. Delilah is able to do this by utilizing her networks within various industries to create a series of content or events to help mentally build a better community.

Everything the agency produces is done with the sole purpose to give people a better understanding of the power they have when they take control of their mindset.

Aside from Delilah & Company, Delilah also launched Hermanas in Hustle. A project she uses to empower women to come together and shine together in true sisterhood fashion.

Connect with Delilah on Instagram @iamdelilahdee and visit her website http://delilahandcompany.com/

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