IAHF Running Club Update


With a lot of rain in late April and early May, it’s been difficult for the running club to get together consistently. We’ve been able to run consistently on Thursday evenings (even in the rain at times).

Tunde (our IAHFRuns Lead for Portland) is happy with the growth of the core runners who have joined this year. There are all levels of runners who not only encourage one another; they also have friendly competitions together.

Meet the iAmHealthyFit Portland Running Club!

As the weather dries up the group will move from two runs a week to three runs a week. We are also looking to diversify our group activities. Next Thursday our group is going to bring out our bikes out and ride along with bikers (75-100) gather on Southwest waterfront. If you’re in Portland you should check it out, Ride Yr Bike Thursday Night Ride.

This summer the running club will also be doing hikes along many of Portland’s area trails and mountains. This will give Tunde a chance to share many more photos and experiences with iAHF’s followers in his DiscoveringOregon series. So stay tuned!

One of our members is training for a triathlon this summer. We look forward to his posts sharing his experiences while training, he even learned how to swim so he could compete. DEDICATION.

He has convinced Tunde to do a triathlon in June 2017 in Vancouver, BC, so Tunde has to learn how to swim before then. He will be chronicling his tribulations with learning. More details will be shared on the site as the summer goes on.

Have you been running? Do you have any races coming up? What type of healthy exercises are you doing? We want to hear from you!!!

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