Episode 03: Janel Martinez on how representation helps women of color live better


Living healthy is about creating new traditions as you learn new information and passing it on.” – Janel Martinez.

Episode three of the Healthconscious podcast features the second half of the conversation with Janel Martinez, Garifuna, Afro-Latina, entrepreneur, multimedia journalist, and advocate for afro-latinidad.

In this conversation, Janel and Nory discuss how Garifuna families define health, and why they feel the need to feed us for being “too skinny.” They share their best tips to avoid unhealthy eating at home when your family is not supportive.

In addition to that, Janel will share how the lack of representation in the fitness space has impacted her journey and why she is convinced that some yoga instructors need specialized training on how to work with women of color.

Listen to part one of the conversation with Janel Martinez.

Meet Janel Martinez

I was introduced to Janel through my best-friend, who interviewed her on her podcast called Joblogues.

She couldn’t stop raving about her and the amazing work she was doing as an entrepreneur, multimedia journalist, and advocate for afro-latinidad.

I immediately began following Janel on social media and reading her award-winning blog Aint I Latina? Which is an online destination celebrating afro-latinas (women of African descent with roots in Latin America).

Why Janel

Her platform has featured interviews with prominent afro-latinas, including Zahira Kelly (bad Dominicana), Singer Amara la Negra who I love, and author and educator Nadia Lopez, as well as everyday chicas.

I’m constantly amazed and inspired by Janel’s passion to fight for the representation of afro-latinos in media. You can catch her in platforms like Buzzfeed, essence.com, Mitu, and Remezcla, NPR, NBC and Sirus XM.

In addition to her work with Aint I Latina?, She is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer at 2020Shift, a startup that connects people to opportunities in tech through training and events. Currently, 2020Shift helps companies like Spotify, Uber, Oscar Insurance, Yelp and more attract and retain diverse talent.

Janel is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and a fellow bonxnite.

Learn more about Janel at aintilatina.com or 2020shift.com and connect with her on Instagram @janelm.

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