Learn How To Get Fit Without Compromising Your Style!


I’ve never thought of myself as a fashionista. For a while I never gave much thought to how I dressed, I would define my style as comfortable and easy to put together. By easy I am obviously referring to 5 minutes or less LOL, Judge me if you must! And then I embraced a healthy lifestyle…

Slowly step away from the yoga pants and sneakers. Has fitness taken over your closet? Learn how I balance healthy living without compromising my style.

In theory, I wanted to dress up more, mix some patterns and try some prints. But in reality, when I wasn’t at work I only wore fancier versions of Yoga pants! Of course, I wanted to be cute, sexy, and beautiful but only if I get to wear yoga pants in the process. Until one day, my now husband decided to drop the mic on me.

We were in NYC getting ready to hit the town, as we got ready to leave the house I looked at him and he was all dressed up. I figured I would dress up too by putting on one of my fancier pairs of yoga pants. When I asked him how I looked, he stared at me for five minutes and said

You used to care about the way you dressed before”.

Yea, let’s take some time to process that together. Before I even tried to defend myself, he continued

You have this beautiful body but you do not dress it up, when we started dating you would put on your heels, dresses and skirts and now all you want to wear are yoga pants and sneakers. There is nothing wrong with yoga pants or workout gear but maybe you can switch things up a little”.

Was I in my feelings? Absolutely! But my husband and I have set a foundation where we welcome these types of conversations without fear of being offended/offensive.

So after he spoke to me about it, I spent a couple of days thinking about my style. He was right; I loved high heels! But since I focused on my health and active lifestyle they had become more of an inconvenience, so I did not wear them.

As I browsed recent photos, I realized that my husband had a point. So, I reached out to a close friend who is a fashion blogger for some help.

Now before you come for my boo, understand that I am very grateful for his feedback. I asked a question, and he answered with honesty, as he always should. Looking back, I am glad I asked, and he should have told me sooner LOL.

Thank You, Kelly

Kelly is the bomb.com! I met Kelly during our undergraduate years at RIT and have been friends since. I remember calling her and sharing my conversation with my husband, and her immediate response was

If you don’t like it, you should change it”.

We had a consultation, and I spoke to her about what I would like my style to look like and how I wanted to balance fashion and fitness.

She came to my apartment and helped me clean my closet. This was the first time I did that! She also gave me great shopping tips and became my personal stylist. I wanted a fresh start and did not have time to shop.

Between juggling a full-time job, being a full-time student, working on iAmHealthyFit and working with four clients as a personal trainer, I needed help. I loved her style and was very excited to work with her. Y’all need to check her out ASAP!!!!

Before working with Kelly, I did not think much about the relationship between fashion and health. We can all agree that when we put on our favorite pair of jeans or that dress that hugs our body in the right places we feel invincible.

When I used to think about health, I focused on food, exercise, sleep and everything in between. But through my experience, I now reflect on the “external” aspect of health. Being in tune with your style brings a higher level of acceptance, self-awareness, and self-steam

I can’t thank Kelly enough for everything she did for me. Today, I still touch base with her about some looks and I also chat with my best friend who loves fashion.

They both know me well and understand my style. I know some of you do not have the funds to hire a personal stylist, but you should think about this as an investment. I firmly believe in investing in my health and what makes me happy.

Thanks to Kelly I developed my sense of style. I became a more efficient shopper, and I am much happier with the outfits I put together.

She shared some of her fave online stores with me and encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I still love my yoga pants, but healthy living is no longer an excuse not to have fun with my style.

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