Episode 08: Put yourself first, survive social media, and Kelis


There are a lot of women in painful situations, keeping secrets and not being transparent about their pain. – Nory Pouncil

This solo episode belongs to the Tea Time with Nory, podcast edition.

Tea Time with Nory is an intimate look at Nory’s life, & updates from iAmHealthyFit. Released every other week, these shorter episodes give listeners an opportunity to connect with Nory and learn about how she practices self-care on a personal level.

Today, Nory discusses how to survive all the negative information on social media and why you need to put yourself first. She shares her thoughts on Kelis’s interview & why it brought her to tears. Learn how women of the diaspora are navigating in this dense space. Press play!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • [0:56] Why this episode was recorded three times before its release.
  • [1:08] How too much information negatively impacts your self-care.
  • [1:42] What is like to be a woman of the diaspora today.


  • [3:18] Why Kelis’s interview brought me to tears.
  • [5:25] Do you make time to process events in your life? Why you need to start now.
  • [6:06] Why women of color suffer in silence.
  • [6:49] Thoughts on pedophile and rapist R. Kelly.
  • [7:01] This is what happens when you don’t put yourself first.
  • [8:55] Nicaragua, Garifunas, and why being woke is draining.
  • [10:15] Why I desperately need a therapist in St. Petersburg right now.
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Last but not least!

  • [15:20] The Health Conscious Review Party. Join now!
  • [16:27] Nory’s Snap Back Project. How to make yourself your #1 priority.
  • [17:54] Join our new FB group.
  • [18:32] Fan love segment: Shoutouts to Joymarie Parker, creator of Joblogues and my best-frand.
The number one takeaway: Do not forget to put yourself first!

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