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Life-Changing Question For Stuck Millennial Women Who Despite Following All The Rules And Checking All The Boxes To Success Still Feel Anxious About The Future, Paralyzed By Fear And Overwhelmed With Overthinking.​

If there was a clear and direct method for releasing your fears of the unknown, letting go of your anxiety about the future, having a sense of wholeness while loving yourself unconditionally without getting stuck in a negative mindset, and being overwhelmed by shame or guilt…..

Would you finally feel confident enough to let go of expectations, live an abundant life, listen to your intuition and make healing your #1 priority?

Here’s why anything short of an Enthusiastic *ABSOLUTELY* is Costing You Big Time.

Every day, with dreams in hand, THOUSANDS of minutes pass by as you get stuck in your head, paralyzed by your fears in hopes that eventually your dreams will become your reality.

Question is:

What are you doing to make it happen?

And whether you’ve thought about getting away from all the worry and fear, or have plans for improving your health (mental, physical & emotional) in the near future, your ability to get to the root of what makes you unstuck rests heavily on your answer to this question.


That you’re not spending enough MORNINGS waking up to the life you’ve designed and feeling excited about it as you should


Your current strategies to deal with your life feel random and unreliable at best, draining your energy while failing to help you effectively overcome hurts, disappointments and manifest a life full of meaning that would make waking up exciting and joyful….

Then Keep Reading…

Cause what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now when your days are packed with high-clarity, creativity, while being truly comfortable in your own skin and showing up daily as the truest version of yourself, and taking action to prove it.

But First…

“The Most Devastating Question”

You’ve probably been asked this by a well-intentioned friend or family member before.

Maybe more than once.

They ask it because, in their own way, they want to help you.

But even still, it can feel like a stab directly to your fragile healing psyche.

Especially when you’re already skating on thin ice, doing EVERYTHING you can to get out of bed with some type of enthusiasm, yet unsure how many more hits you can take before the ice cracks and you fall back into the dark world you just left behind.

So… what’s the question?

Why can’t you get out this funk on your own, or just move past it?


Still makes me want to crawl back in the bed and hide under my covers.

And maybe you can relate.

Because in my mind, there’s no question more anxiety-provoking for a woman when she can’t see beyond her pain.

It’s a question that can make you feel like a total fraud (or in my case, a complete failure)

And I still remember the first time I got asked it.

It was eight months into my depression, after realizing that I had no idea what brought me joy, filled my spirt or made me happy – almost a year after my uncle’s murder.

And despite having two bachelor’s, a master’s, working as a Director of Communications, and helping women eat better via meal prep for three years, which seemed to always impress people, I was a total amateur at dealing with grief & accepting personal responsibility.

And the way I fell in a deep functional depression when overwhelmed with grief when my favorite uncle was killed, confirmed it.

Even the times I DID have the courage to talk to my friends about my suffering, it was clear that they expected me to figure it out.

Saying things like…. “Time heals all wounds.”

But the most painful part wasn’t the fact that I was spending 4-6 hours stuck in my head overthinking every single day with nothing to show for it…

It was that the sound of the alarm clock served a constant, clear-cut reminder of my painful failed attempts.

It was like a theme song for my failure.

But even still….

I’m grateful people asked it.

Be grateful that people are asking it to YOU.

Because that single question…and the ACTIONS you take to finally be able to answer it without unshakable confidence, holds the key to your flourishing and abundant life.

But before You Can CONFIDENTLY take those actions, you must first get intimate with:

Your Universal Birth-Right!

Your Universal Birth-Right!

The secret to “thinking less” and “doing more”.

Let’s be real:

You don’t need (or want) another person telling you to “get over it”.

You just want to stop wasting hundreds of hours per month thinking about the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s without taking any real action and free from extreme lows without sacrificing your inner peace. 

You don’t want to be forced to put yourself first every-single-day as you CHOOSE to.

And at this point in your life, you feel like you’ve earned the right to take the time to respond to every single situation with a sense of ease instead of reacting erratically, you deserve to know that you’re moving in the right direction and walking in your purpose with a clearer mind and spirit.

“Self-Care” shouldn’t be this mythical thing with no basis in reality.

“I have no time” shouldn’t be the most frequent thing uttered from your lips.

And late-night venting to your partner or girlfriends should be replaced with the joy of booking trips straight out of your vision board, celebrating your wins from the boundaries you’ve set and respect, while falling deeply in unconditional love with yourself.

That’s your Birth Right, straight from the Universe.

The 3 reasons You’re Still Stuck with a Chronic Case of “is not the right time” (and how to snap out of it right now)

Reason #1: You’re overwhelmed and distracted by the Pressure to do “Right” by everyone else.

Let me guess:

Your starting this whole self-awareness thing with a million questions about how you got here and a full tank of motivation to figure it out.

But 50 podcasts and a stack of journals later….

And you’re still right where you started.

You got lost in “all the things”… all at once.

… Where am I going to get the time to do this?

… Can I really do this on my own?

… How can I make time for my “self-care” with all these bills and responsibilities dictating my to-do-list?

… What about my childhood trauma, how to face something I’ve been working hard to escape for the majority of my life?

… Can I really forgive the people who have disappointed me, hurt me, broken my trust? And how am I supposed to do that?

… What if I wait until things get better before starting, how much longer can I deal with this draining situation?

… Do I need a therapist? Am I crazy? Am I projecting all this uncertainty on to my children, friends, partner, or my job?

Ugh. As I said…

All. The. Things.

And they all have their place.

But it’s in knowing the best place to start taking action and breaking your patterns of stuckness with action ― and how to address this question with complete confidence that allows you to get in charge of your life.

What you need:

Confidence to double down on a super clear, “first do this, then do that” self-awareness strategy that gives you a visible momentum and unwavering motivation to keep stacking up the list of wins.

Reason #2: Being Afraid of Setting Boundaries 

I get it.

Setting boundaries can feel a bit intense.

Especially when you have to respect them and enforce them.

But secretly, you also know that setting boundaries can be the shortcut to freeing up 100+ hours next month to do the things you’ve been putting in your “not now” drawer for the last decade.

That is if you know how to do it right.

The thing is…. you’re not afraid of setting clear, valid, and honest boundaries rooted in making your dreams a reality…

You’re afraid of making bad boundaries and having to explain to yourself how you ended up in a girls trip you didn’t want to go on because someone canceled at the last minute and you are trying to be “nice”.

What you need:

You need to know how to clearly say No. How to get the most mileage from a tiny set of decisions that can significantly skyrocket your self-growth, while giving you the speed pass to building your courage, the one thing you KNOW will put you on the driver seat and fast lane to your dreams.

Reason #3: You’re still just “getting to know yourself”

I’m gonna come right out and say it…

There’s a huge difference between getting to know yourself and building your dream life using every single lesson you’ve learned from your failures.

And accepting the parts of yourself that you don’t like so you can change them and feel inner peace.

From the words you use to talk to yourself, to the tone you entertain when feeling frustrated (with yourself and others), and the changes you make in your life because of it.

Most gurus will tell you “you need to make time for yourself”…

Better informed experts will correct them and say, “you learn once you set time for yourself”.

But the truth is….

The key is what you DO with what you LEARN when you spend TIME with yourself.

And unless every single second you spend with yourself, the boundaries you set and respect, and the actions you take with that insight is in alignment with that process your chances are it won’t lead to moving your dreams from vision board to real-life moments.

What you need to know:

Your job isn’t only to get to know yourself. It is to use that knowledge to bring your dreams to life. One day at the time, and one foot before the other.

The Good News Is…

Awakening Your Self-Awareness to Think Less and Do More is Simpler (and More Critical) Than Ever

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that getting to know yourself and releasing your fears of the unknown and overcoming your negative mindset is critical to your success and achieving your wildest dreams.

No need to remind you of that 🙂

But maybe you don’t know that by overcoming your paralysis using the Get Unstuck Method that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor! More importantly, achieve peace and joy, knowing that your struggles were not in vain
  • Be able to think outside of yourself and give back to others
  • You’ll feel light as a feather because a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders
  • Proud for investing in yourself, feel loved because you are loving yourself, and feel energized
  • Having an unrecognizable level of confidence in your voice, taking yourself seriously because “What you have to say is important”
  • Answer with joy, confidence, and excitement when friends and family ask: “How’s your healing journey?”

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your life (whether you’re starting from scratch or hitting the reset for the 10th time)….

… but they DO depend on taking a straight line, step-by-step approach.

One that leverages the most current, proven and ready to use self-awareness strategies while dodging all those sharp shiny objects that constantly rip a hole through your momentum.

One that’s been my secret weapon, going from being in a deep depression for eight months, to knowing exactly who I am, having clarity on what I want and with a clear path to get it done.


One that you’ll excitedly point back to a few weeks from now when you re-read your journal entries and Instagram captions and have the confidence, direction, and inner peace you’ve been craving for years.

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my FULLY REVAMPED signature self-awareness method.


Nory Pouncil here.

And when I’m not trading quotes with my handsome husband, JP, besties Joy and Kevin from the latest book I am obsessing with, or when I am not sipping on ginger tea while blasting Cardi B’ & Bruno Mars “Please me”…

I run iAmHealthyFit – a digital platform and coaching program that helps millennial women feeling stuck, eliminate overthinking, make time know exactly who they are, have a clear direction for their lives & feel long-lasting inner peace.

I am not a therapist.

Or Overpriced “let me tell you what to do but not how to do it” guru.

Instead, I developed the Get Unstuck Method as a faster, natural and intuitive framework for getting on the driver seat of your life, making decisions rooted in what truly unleashes your most authentic self.

Meaning you get to enjoy waking up every single morning, knowing success and abundance is guaranteed for you, instead of reaching for the snooze button with your eyes closed, wishing you could stay under the covers a little longer. Anything to avoid facing your reality.

What the students have to say!

Introducing: The Get Unstuck Coaching Program

The most clear, simple, and direct “what’s working now” method that GUARANTEES you will take control of the most important aspects of your life every single day by leveraging on the most powerful, up-to-date tools and strategies.

I’ve invested over 10 years working in the trenches with women committed to becoming the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Women who’ve struggled to get out of their heads and get themselves to do the things they desire the most because they’re afraid of failure. They spent hundreds of hours listening to podcasts, reading books, planning every single detail only to hit an invisible wall when it is time to take action.

Women tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with outdated complicated methods that may work for one person but now are causing more confusion than clarity.

Women who despite doing everything they were told and following all the rules, have failed to gain the inner peace they KNOW is not only possible, but is the foundation to finally living a life full of meaning.

Women who despite temporary setbacks, recognize there still no getting around this “getting to know yourself” thing, and are therefore still motivated-as-heck to finally achieve the momentum and growth they know they need…

The Result Is…

An easy-to-follow, Get Unstuck Method that gives you a crystal clear, “can’t fail* roadmap for growing, healing, and leaving a negative mindset behind.

Week 1 – Building A Solid Foundation

This is where you’ll understand the mindset you need to get unstuck, review the rules you’ve been playing by and get the root of your paralysis.

Remember the main reason you get overwhelmed with overthinking and can’t take action is because those thoughts aren’t rooted in a SOLID foundation or a set of strategies that guarantee a consistent payoff to those efforts.

By the time you finish week one you will have a clear understanding of how you got here. HINT: it is deeper than you think! You’ll walk away with a new mindset and answers to the questions that are keeping you staring at the ceiling at night unable to get uninterrupted sleep.

  • Module 1: The mindset of a warrior: I’ll show you everything you need to do to get ready for battle. Including why you’re stuck, how to uncover the new you, you’ll uncover your road to freedom and you’ll learn the 4 most important things you need to do every day.
  • Module 2: It’s all an illusion: I’ll show you your current  “Survival” toolkit, then you’ll learn the problem with those tools you’re using to live your life, you’ll learn something new about your parents, then you’ll unpack how to break free from your past and end with a step-by-step plan to become the architect of your life.
  • Module 3: Understanding your paralysis: We’re going to take a closer look at your paralysis and unpack why you always put yourself at the bottom of your to-do list. I’ll show you your patterns – I’ll introduce you to Your High Zone and Your Low Zone, you’ll get clarity between What You Want vs. What You Think You Want and discover who is calling the shots in your life right now – spoiler: it’s not YOU.

Week 2 – You vs. YOU Waging The Internal Battle 

This is where you’ll understand the internal battle happening within you, between the woman you are right now and the woman you want to be.

By the time you finish week two, you will have a clear understanding of your internal battle, personal accountability, and how to use forgiveness in your life. Along with a clear process to practice so you can get the results you want.

  • Module 1: Facing Your Mirror: I’ll show you the root of your internal battle, you’ll learn what is, The Victimhood Blanket and discover if you are wearing it (chances are you are, and it’s costing you A LOT). I’ll also show you how to be accountable to yourself with yourself and choose the woman you want to be starting today.
  • Module 2: The Power of Forgiving Yourself: I’ll show you the power of self-forgiveness and how you can use it to shut down negative self-judgment once and for all. You’ll learn what self-forgiveness is (it’s not what you think), why self-forgiveness is hard and how to put it into practice.

Week 3 – Overcoming Your Fears 

This is where we will get to the root of your fears. You’ll understand why you’re afraid, where does it come from and what you need to do if you want to leave it in your past.

By the time you finish week three, you will have a clear understanding of the root of all your fears, and you’ll be able to use this insight to take action so you can get in control of your life.

  • Module 1: The Root of All Your Fears: I’ll show you the root of all your fears to empower you to begin taking control of your life including how to breakdown fear. You’ll unpack the danger of expectations as I reveal the Failure Complex and help you overcome self-doubt as well as a step-by-step process to survive your past disappointment. 
  • Module 2: The Power of Self-Control: I’ll show you the ins and outs of self-control to equip you with the tools you need to take control of your life and overcome your fears. We will do a deep dive on why the time is now, you’ll understand self-control in a simple actionable way, including why you struggle with self-control and a step-by-step process to practice it in your life.

Week 4 – Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition 

This is where we will get to the power that is your intuition. You’ve heard everyone including Auntie Oprah talk about the power of listening to your intuition. Now it’s your turn.

By the time you finish week four, you will have a clear map for listening to your intuition, starting by decluttering it of everything that doesn’t serve you so you can focus on the things that do.

  • Module 1: Decluttering Your Intuition: I’ll show you how you can declutter your intuition. You’ll learn how your intuition works, why it is so powerful and how it can help you become the woman you want to become. I’ll show you how to overcome impostor syndrome and create a space for your intuition to flourish.
  • Module 2: Listening to Your Intuition: I’ll break down the process to listen to your intuition starting today. So you can begin to guide yourself more intentionally and you can stop relying on the guidance of others. You’ll be able to identify the manifestation of your intuition’s guidance, how to strengthen its voice and how to make it work for you.

Week 5 –  Building Your Future Self 

Now it is time to put it all together. You’ve got to the root of where you are right now, deprogrammed yourself, and now are ready to put all that clarity to use.

By the time you finish week five, you will have a new set of priorities built around the woman you want to be without feeling shame or guilty for putting yourself first. Quite the opposite, you will be excited and thrilled to watch your dreams come to reality.

  • Module 1: Defining Your Priorities: I’ll breakdown everything you need to know about priorities and how you can use them to unleash your full potential. I’ll show you how to do an audit of your current priorities, you’ll learn why they’re actually taking you further away from your goals every day, you’ll learn how to prioritize the woman you want to be and how to go from talking to doing.
  •  Module 2: Building Your Manifesto: I’ll show you how to build your future life, down to the details. This is your opportunity to dream big and design the life you want for yourself, the life of the woman you want to be. I’ll also share the key reminders you need to strengthen your mindset, I’ll include daily trackers, and reminding you have a legacy! – It’s time to honor it while outlining your future life.

Week 6 – Building Relationships for Your Future Self 

Are you ready for the outer work? Until this point you’ve been focused on your internal healing, unpacking your patterns and being a diligent student to shift your direction towards the fast lane of your dream life. Now it is time to do some outer work.

By the time you finish week six, you will have a new mindset that you will use to re-evaluate your current relationships. Someone said that you’re the result of the 5 people you’re closest to. It is time to make sure those people are helping you get where you want to go and are willing to do whatever it takes to support you especially if that means giving you your space!

  • Module 1: Assessing Your Current Relationships: I’ll breakdown everything you need to know about assessing your current relationships. Including insight into how relationships evolve, the elements of a healthy relationship, how to identify toxic patterns so you can spot them from a mile away and the step-by-step process to get in alignment with the woman you want to be in the future.
  • Module 2: Manifesting Relationships That Support Your Future Self:  I’ll breakdown everything you need to know about how to manifest the relationships you want, including a step-by-step process. Here you’ll take inventory of your relationships (I’ll show how to do that), I’ll also walk you through a simple way of monitoring your role in your relationships, how to set clear boundaries, along with a process to free your relationships from drama and negative energy. In the end, I’ll show you how to let go of relationships that don’t serve the woman you want to be.

The Get Unstuck Guarantee 

I’m so passionate about helping you become the architect for your dream life, and I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to get a confident “yes.”

Enter the Get Unstuck Guarantee.

Take 30 Days to go through the first TWO weeks of the Get Unstuck Experience.

If after completing the Thoughts and Reflections worksheet, asking yourself the 5 questions you be asking yourself right now, submitting the TV Mom worksheet, the plotting your patterns worksheet and the Victimhood Blanket worksheet…. and getting your questions answered during the live strategy calls, you don’t feel like you have the clarity, insight, or powerful action steps to help you start doing more and thinking less…

Simply email me (Nory) at nory@iamhealthyfit.com with all your completed assignments, and I’ll hit undo on this whole “unlocking your potential through self-awareness” process.

Questions your fellow millennial women feeling stuck asked before saying “YES” to the Get Unstuck Method.

1. I want to do this, but I’m not sure this is the right time for this. What if I need to think about this?

I hear you 🙂

I’ve also had to think hard before making a huge commitment specially one that costs money.

I’ve starred at my bank account and wondered should I do this?

Can I do this right now?

But here’s the thing….

Getting Unstuck and freeing up anywhere from 2 – 10 hours every single day, is the time that you can redirect to all the things you’ve always said you wanted to do.

Because let’s be honest:

When will be the right time?

Two years ago? Six months ago? Or one year from now?

If you’re here it’s because deep down you know the time is RIGHT NOW. So do not start overthinking this like you do with everything else.

On my end, I PROMISE to spare you of any impractical fluff or theoretical brain-dumps.

Meaning every hour you invest in getting to the root of your paralysis will be hours you’re not spending stuck in your head wishing for things to change, instead of TAKING ACTION to change them.

2. I’ve read dozens of books on self-awareness and taking action. How is this different?

So have I, and I got nothing against them.

But the mission here is extremely focused and outcome-based.

The truth is that if reading those books worked for you, you wouldn’t be here right now.

The Get Unstuck Method delivers real action-based results, sustainable progress by meeting you exactly where you are and free ups the things “you think you should be doing” so you can start “the things you want to be doing”.

Not theories that will never apply to you.

Just hyper-specific action steps needed to do more and think less so you can have more clarity and direction ASAP.

3. I want to do this but I am afraid I cannot afford this. How can I make this work?

I hear you.

I too have had to review budgets and bank statements before hitting the submit payment button.

But you and I both know it is not about the money.

It’s about you deciding to put an end to long sleepless nights, followed by dreadful mornings snoozing every 5 minutes, wondering if there is more to life than waiting to die.

Are you ready to silence those voices in your head telling you that you’re not worthy of a promotion, launching your own business or having a happier relationship?

Aren’t you tired of never getting to yourself on YOUR endless to do this?

Saying “YES” is the beginning of turning things around, of saying “I AM WORTHY” not just with your words but with your actions.

Investing in the Get Unstuck Method is a declaration of freedom that only you can make, to starts living the life perfectly planned on both your journals and vision boards.

Still Undecided?

You’re Ready to Have Full Clarity, Eliminate Overthinking and Feel Worthy if…

  1. You’re a woman, a millennial woman feeling stuck who is constantly putting the needs of others above her own.
  2. You’re a mother and worry that you’re not setting a good example for your children because you keep on projecting your insecurities and want things to change.
  3. You’re struggling with imposter syndrome and would like to build the courage to ask for the promotion, stand up for your beliefs at the next meeting and enjoy every single accolade that comes your way.
  4. You’re convinced that there is a better way and are confident enough to make BIG decisions. You’re willing to invest time, energy and resources to manifest the abundant life you deserve.
  5. You’ve had at least two moments this month where you’ve had to cancel on yourself to save or “be there” for someone you love because you “had to be nice” while it pulled you away from being confident, boundaries driven, and feeling light like a feather as you WANT to be.
  6. You’re excited about the fact that 6 weeks from now you will be using the Get Unstuck Method in your life, powering your growth and freeing you up to live your life from a place of purpose, excitement, and enthusiasm.
  7. You’re ready to take 30 days to give the Get Unstuck Method a fair shot: I’m not looking for a half-baked commitment, but as long as you’re willing to go “all in” for 4 weeks, I can GUARANTEE that you’ll see the visible moment, feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and ask “why didn’t I do this sooner” as excitement powers you right through the end of the program.

If you checked off at least 5- 7  items above, you owe it to yourself, your family and your current or future children to give the Get Unstuck Method a Risk-Free Shot.

Your Investment Breakdown

  • 6 week course where you’ll learn how everything from the root of your overthinking, how to face and overcome your fears, you’ll get clear direction on how to listen to your intuition, everything you need to know to feel light like a feather starting right now. ($5,000 – every day price)
  • Lifetime access to our private mastermind where you can learn from me and other members of the tribe. ($2000 – Value)
  • Live strategy sessions 2x per week so you can get personal guidance from me to make sure you get your questions answered and get the results you want (that’s 104 sessions per year) ($5,000 – Value).
  • As a bonus, I will also give you a private 1:1 – 60 minute session to help you develop a routine focused on your priorities using my Path to Success template ($597 – Value)

That’s an $10,000+ value, but…your investment is:

One Payment of $1997 - (BEST VALUE: Save $388)


4 Monthly Payments of $597