Episode 04: Janet Asante on how to silence the noise and honor your traditions

Do not wait for a wake up call, because when you get to the top it is not worth it if you don’t have your health, passion, family and self-focus.” – Janet Asante.

Today’s episode is all about silencing the noise. Nory sat down with human resource executive, certified yoga instructor and avid cyclist, Janet Asante.

During this episode, Janet shared how stress lead her to heart surgery, an experience that made her reevaluate how she was living her life and propelled some changes to make her health a priority. After listening to this episode, you’ll think of stress differently.

More importantly, you’ll get actionable next steps on how to reduce your stress levels, and you’ll learn why silencing the noise is critical to your well-being.

Meet Janet Asante

Raise your hand if you’ve been stressed before?

Now, raise you’re your hand if you’ve said “I’m stressed at least once during the past week”

I know I cannot see you, but I guarantee you that at least 95% of the women listening just raised their hands.

The truth is, we all deal with some level of stress, and today’s guest is no different.

Janet Asante is a human resources executive for a consulting firm based in DC.

She graduated from George Mason University with an undergrad degree in Psychology and also attended the University of Denver graduating with a Master’s degree in Strategic Human Resources Management.

Over the course of her 20 years experience heading the talent function for companies she has collected insightful lessons and thoughts. She shares those ideas at her blog notesfromhr.com.

Why Janet

I connected with Janet through a mutual friend and learned about her challenges with stress and lead her to heart surgery.

An experience that made her reevaluate how she was living her life and propelled a number of changes to make her health a priority.

Today, she is a certified yoga instructor, bringing yoga to the underserved. She currently teaches yoga at her local homeless shelter, juvenile detention center, and local high schools. Janet is an avid cyclist, hiker, and yogi.

When she is not working, you’ll find Janet on her yoga mat, bike trail or spending time with her husband & three spirited children.

Learn more about Janet at notesfromhr.com and connect with her on Instagram @notesfromhr.

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