Episode 13: The dangers of the birth control pill and how to survive

Am I less of a woman if I’m not able to have kids? – Cindy Luquin


In today’s episode, I’m excited to chat with Cindy Luquin, Founder & Speaker of Cultura Con Wellness.

Cindy Luquin is a first generation born and raised Los Angeles native of parents from El Salvador and Guatemala. Cultura Con Wellness, a platform helping women with the fertility awareness method research, reproductive justice, and wellness.

During our conversation, we discussed why Cindy’s transitioned to non-traditional birth control, the implications of not putting yourself first, and why learning about your vagina is empowering.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Cindy has successfully prevented having kids without hormonal birth control for the past 3 years,
  • Why she advocates for the Fertility Awareness Method and,
  • Everything you need to know if you want to ditch the pill.

Meet Cindy Luquin

Cindy’s wellness journey began when doctors discovered she had a grapefruit-sized ovarian cyst that led to surgery. After six years of taking hormonal birth control, she realized it had a negative impact on her body which led her to find the Fertility Awareness Method as a natural form of birth control and living a more holistic lifestyle.

She is currently working on her Masters in Latin American Studies at the California State University of Los Angeles and her research focus is on fertility awareness methods among Latinas and black women.


Using her 10 years of professional experience in educational interpretation and healthcare interpreting training her goal is to become a certified fertility awareness method educator in order to teach women and high school students about body literacy to empower their reproductive health decisions.

Cindy enjoys going on hikes with her family and dog Lobo, going to the beach, talking on the phone with friends and family, 90s music, being outdoors, attending workshops and reading books in Spanish and English.

Connect with Cindy on Instagram @culturaconwellness and visit her website https://www.culturaconwellness.com/

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