In 2014 I began an iAmHealthyFit journey as a person who thought fitness was destination that I could arrive at in about 3 to 4 months with a little effort. It is not. It is a journey that I am grateful to be on with a supporting community of women who empower me to further my fitness from multiple wellness standpoints–physical, mental, emotional, informational and more.

I started out waking up 3 days a week at 6AM to meet my coach/friend Yenory at Planet Fitness for workouts. Sure, by the time iAmHealthyFit launched (March 2014) I lost about 15 lbs and put on a bathing suit for the first time in 3 years while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Sure, I lost weight, but I got much more than expected.

iAmHealthyFit taught me how to get back up when I fall. It helped me gain back my confidence, it gave me the skill distinguish what’s truly nourishing to my body and what is not. I taught me how to be more patient, how to create recipes, and most of all it gave me a community of women blazing their own fitness trails encouraging me every step of the way.

Thank you Yenory. I am proud to be on this journey, and I am a proud iAmhealthyfit Enthusiast!” – Kenya L.

I found a family at IAHF. That is the most important part. As IAHF get’s better, we all have gotten better too. I found not just a place of tolerance and patience, but more importantly, a place where I can be the best version of myself. IAHF has been part of every step of my journey. It has pushed me past my limitations, propelled me to move forward, but most importantly, it reminds me that I am not alone. That is why IAHF will always mean family to me!” – Kevin C.

January 2016. I looked at the scale, and it read 210 lbs. I could have died, or at least I did inside. I kept telling myself that I would never get past the 200 mark, so when did this happen!? Hurt, and angry at myself I wasn’t sure what to do. Surely post-college life, and not knowing how to cook was catching up with me.

I remember seeing Yenory losing constant weight, and I reached out for help. What she gave me was much more than that; a new beginning. Her 12-week program was easy to follow and had all the tools that you need for success.

The recipes and shopping list teaches you exactly what to do, and I quickly went from knowing how to make a bowl of cereal to knowing how to create delicious and healthy meals. Even my friends would compliment me on how great my food looked and taste before they would run in the other direction. It’s now over a year later, and I have never gone back to that 210 lbs. mark.

I now have an eye for how to put together healthy, delicious meals, and when I need to take a step back and make healthier decisions. To be honest, I still use a lot of her recipes to this day. I used the fajita recipe last week and had people asking me when I would make it again. Although I am nowhere near my goal, my mindset is now healthy fit, and I will forever be thankful. We all know that it starts there.” – LLeshia S.

IAHF has been instrumental in helping me find balance and peace when days become chaotic. Nory, JP & the team have inspired to make physical and mental adjustments in my life. I have also shared what I’ve learned from IAHF with my immediate family, promoting a healthier atmosphere at home. I am beyond grateful!” – Reina C.