The Self-Trust Podcast – S4E3: Embracing Change with Grace and Gratitude|Nory Pouncil

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It may not be a preference of mine; everything that changes, but everything that is changing is helping me manifest what I truly desire.

Nory Pouncil

In this episode, Nory sat down with her husband, JP, to discuss how to embrace change with grace.

Here’s what they covered:

  • What does it mean to embrace change,
  • Why you want to embrace change and not resist it,
  • How resisting change keeps you feeling stuck,
  • How to deal with change in your relationships,
  • How to accept the free will of others,
  • JP’s strategies for dealing with change,
  • JP’s frustrations with change,
  • The power of releasing attachment to timelines,
  • The most difficult part of facing change,
  • How to start embracing change with enthusiasm.

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