The Self-Trust Podcast – S4E4: How to prioritize your time for business success!|Nory Pouncil

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If you're going to manifest the business you desire, you have to consciously pick your values instead of just accepting what has been passed down onto you.

In this episode, Nory sat down with her husband, JP, to discuss how to prioritize your time for business success!

Here’s what they covered:

  • How to decide which projects to take on in your business.
  • The power of determining your desires.
  • Why you need to get clear on your values.
  • How to define your values.
  • Core values vs. Aspirational values.
  • The best way to deal with distractions.
  • How Nory prioritizes her week, so she doesn’t get overwhelmed.
  • What to do when resistance shows up.
  • How emotions impact your ability to execute in your business.
  • Why emotional healing is a must to achieve success with consistency.

Self-Reflection Questions to Consider

  • Do you want to build your legacy on your current values?
  • Did you consciously select your values?
  • Which values have you learned and adapted over the years that you must prioritize right now?
  • Are you trying to finish someone else’s legacy?

Your values must feel true to you and not go against yourself.

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