The uncomfortable truth about postpartum depression with Tiffany Stuart

We just need to start to prioritize ourselves, even in that space [motherhood]. I know now that if I don't do well by me, I can't do well for anyone else in this house.

Tiffany Stuart

In today’s episode I sat down with Tiffany Stuart, you may know her as “it’s me Lady G”, from a lifestyle, beauty, wellness and mommy blog dedicated, to making healthy, natural, fearless living, less intimidating and sustainable in real life.

Tiffany is a veggie loving mom of 2, internationally published blogger, recipe developer, brand consultant, contributor to the Huffington Post, the Non-GMO project and other health & wellness brands. She’s also a certified integrative nutrition holistic health coach.

Tiffany’s mission is to help other women embrace themselves, their power, & ultimately become their own educated health & wellness advocate.

During our conversation, we discussed her experience with postpartum depression through both of her pregnancies. She shared what it was like to put herself first while raising her children without rushing their growth.

We even got into how the pressure to breastfeed can at times contribute to postpartum depression and what were the signs she identified before and after pregnancy.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this episode:

  • Dealing with postpartum depression during the first pregnancy.
  • Dealing with postpartum depression during the second pregnancy.
  • How Tiffany acknowledged the signs.
  • Using books and tools as a new mom without obsessing.
  • How moms rush the growth of their babies.
  • The negative impact of the breastfeeding movement.
  • Finding what works for you and your child.
  • What some men expect from women after giving birth when it comes to intimacy.
  • Not giving in to the snapback demands of society.
  • How to show up for yourself and do what’s best for your mental health.
  • Her advice to anyone struggling with postpartum depression or to their partner.

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