How to use dances of the African Diaspora to be fit


In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating a mother, entrepreneur and Wellness Warrior you’ll love.

Pilin Anice is an Afro Flow Yoga instructor located in CT right outside of New York City (NYC).

What is Afro Flow Yoga?

Afro Flow Yoga® is a dynamic class that fuses vinyasa yoga sequences with dances of the African Diaspora and live drumming founded by Leslie Salmon Jones & Jeff Jones.

Getting in the work…

Pilin got into yoga and African dance her freshman year in college at Howard University.

This is so amazing and full circle because, at the time, I didn’t understand how connected the two were or realize they would have such a huge impact on my journey!”

After completing her 200hr RYT in 2010, she had a vision of merging yoga with dance and prayed on it. Shortly after, in a Haitian dance class at The Ailey Extension, she met Leslie and learned about Afro Flow Yoga®.

I knew it was the practice I saw in my vision!

Pilin started training with Leslie in 2011 and teaching shortly after.

It has been such an honor to share this incredible practice with communities around the world!

Pilin on the meaning of her work as a woman of the African Diaspora

Pilin and her daughter during their #mommyandmini2018 Yoga Challenge!

Communities with people of color are struggling with preventable diseases and poor health.

 It is my mission, not only as a woman of color, but also as a mother, to empower and educate as many as I can to make choices that have a positive impact on their health.

Making the shift to a healthier lifestyle can be a challenge because we don’t always see ourselves represented in mainstream yoga or wellness.

It bring me joy to know that the work I do may inspire someone to see its possible and begin the journey to holistic wellness.

Get into Afro Flow Yoga


Pilin regularly teaches and monthly classes at the Ailey Extension and around NYC and CT. You can find the schedule on:

She’s also hosting a yoga and surf retreat, Restore & Explore in Panama on Aug 8-13!

Connect with Pilin on Instagram @pilinanice

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