Wanna make $12,500 more? Here’s the best morning routine for coaches that actually works!

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Today, I will show you the best morning routine to 10x your self-trust and make an additional $12,500 per year!

Just so you know you’re not alone,

This is the exact routine that my clients and I use and many of the world’s most successful female founders use when cultivating self-trust in both the business and our personal lives.

But first, here’s some context:

I define self-trust as the ability to believe without the shadow of a doubt that you’re making the right decisions in your life and your business.

After spending over a decade helping people trust themselves, I’ve discovered that there are four stages we must go through when cultivating our self-trust.

Each of these stages comes packed with lessons,  strategies, and tools, to ensure we believe in ourselves no matter what without feeling guilt, shame, or getting paralyzed by overthinking.

Why is this important:

Most people, especially female founders, feel stuck because they do not understand how self-trust works.

So when they face certain challenges, they struggle to feel confident and clear because they lack direction on the best way to move forward based on where they are.

If you don’t know where you are, you’ll have difficulty getting to where you want to go. 

So what does this have to do with morning routines?

Morning routines and rituals are the portals to getting crystal clear on where you are, so you can move at your own pace as you decide where you want to go.

If your dream life was a garden, your morning routine is the ritual that helps it flourish with unconditional love, kindness, and compassion.

It gives you insight into the limiting beliefs stifling your growth like unwanted weeds that can’t seem to go away.

As you can see, morning routines are non-negotiable, especially if you want to grow a garden full of delicious fruits, nourishing vegetables, and precious flowers.

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As you might be aware, morning routines are a major struggle for many female founders:

And there are three main reasons why…

Here are the three main reasons female founders struggle:

  1. Not understanding the purpose of morning routines,
  2. Missing key strategies to establish a morning routine that works for you,
  3. Lacking a proven system to review + refine your morning routine to reach your goals.

So what is this costing female founders like you?

According to a recent study, people with strict morning routines earn $12,500 more per year than those who described a more casual approach to the morning.

So not having a morning routine has a significant impact on your income and your dream of building generational wealth. 

Imagine how your life would change if you made an extra $12,500 per year or an extra $1,000 per month? 

Would you have more peace of mind?

Would you actually take that solo vacation without feeling bad about it?

Would finally have the confidence to hire someone to help you with your business so you can spend more time with your family

That’s what having a consistent morning routine can do for you.

3 reasons why female founders struggle with morning rituals

When you do not establish a morning routine,

You’ll end up going through your days feeling exhausted and overwhelmed without seeing progress towards your goals.

Without experiencing progress, you’ll doubt your decisions and struggle to trust yourself in the future.

You’ll feel like life is happening to you and not for you.

If you’re struggling with these issues,

The good news is that I will show you a very clear, proven, and easy to implement steps you can use right away to overcome these issues and start your mornings with your best self in mind without feeling paralyzed by overthinking or fear of failure.

Sound good”? Ok, let’s dig right in…

What’s the purpose of  the morning routine:

The purpose of your morning routine is to set yourself up for success during your day.

What does that mean?

It means bringing your body, mind, and spirit into harmony so that you feel grounded in each decision you make.

When you feel grounded in your decisions, you strengthen your self-trust and build up your confidence instead of tearing it down.

You move from the responding stage where you feel like a survivor to the refining stage where you feel like you’re thriving.

3 keys to a successful morning ritual as a coach

Over the years, I’ve tried hundreds of different morning routines, and the one I’m going to share with you today is the best one, especially since I became an intuitive coach.

Why? Three reasons:

  1. Connect with your mind, body, and spirit: When you focus on working with all parts of you, it will be easier to help your clients do the same. You’ll be better equipped to help them listen to their intuition, meet themselves where they are and see their progress.
  2. Root yourself in intuitive guidance: No more looking for answers outside yourself, questioning the voice of God that lives within you. When you create space to listen to your spirit and receive God’s guidance, it will be easier to bring that vision to life, especially when you have to move with faith over fear.
  3. Progress over perfection: For many years, I used to obsess about getting my morning routine perfect and keeping it that way. But life is not about perfection; it’s about doing your best and learning from your reality so you can change it. This routine gives you permission to fail (failure is another word for feedback) and learn from those failures without feeling guilt or shame!

What do you need?

The six must haves to thrive in the morning

Time commitment

If you’re getting started, aim for 15 – 30 minutes. If you’ve been doing morning routines for longer than one year, aim for  30 minutes – 1 hour.

A morning routine can be as short or as long as you’ll like. When I got started, my morning routine was 5 minutes long.

But I quickly realized that I was doing myself a disservice by not carving out more time to ground myself in the morning.

My mind needed more than 5 minutes to settle, and without a quiet mind, it can be nearly impossible to listen to your intuition and move in alignment with your higher self.

Now my morning routine is closer to two hours long. I’ve learned that I am much calmer, productive, and happier throughout the day by investing that time at the beginning of the day.

Do what’s best for you.

Music + Movement

Music is extremely powerful. As you may know, at a basic level, humans are pure energy. As energy sources, we emit specific frequencies depending on our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

Hence why listening to music with a high vibration can uplift your mood as you start the day. When you feel good, you move with more enthusiasm. 

The more enthusiastic you are, the more you’ll enjoy your day and the better the quality of your work.

Moving your body is a great way to start the day with good vibes and carry those vibes during the day.


As a healer, coach, or consultant, you know how important it is to quiet your mind. There is an immeasurable amount of studies discussing the benefits of meditation and how it can transform your life.

A study by Yale University found that meditation can help you stop worrying or ruminating about the past or the future.

Personally, this has been an enormous benefit of my meditation practice which I started in 2014. It was one of the essential tools that helped me break free from feelings of depression (obsessing about the past) after the murder of my favorite uncle in Honduras.

Since becoming a coach, 

Meditation has ensured I remain grounded no matter what, so I can support my clients in the best way possible. I cannot imagine my life without it.

My go-to app is the calm app. I shared why I love it so much here and how it transformed my life

These days I don’t use the app that much; I’ve developed a habit of quieting my mind on command, but I highly recommend it to anyone who is still building this habit.


3 journaling prompts to start your day with ease

I’ve been a journaler (is that a word?) since I was a teenager. It was my preferred way of getting my thoughts under control. Little did I know that I was managing my anxiety, coping with stress, and studying my patterns.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling helps us manage our mental health. If you’re a female founder, your mental health is non-negotiable. 

Coaching from an unhealthy mindset is the epitome of pouring from an empty cup. 

Here are three journaling prompts to start your day.

  • Today I am grateful because:
  • The best part of my week has been:
  • No matter what, I can always count on:

Don’t forget that you must put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Journaling is the best tool I’ve found to help me check for cracks in the foundation of my cup, so I can address them before pouring into my clients.


6 Thriving Affirmations

For many years I didn’t understand the importance of affirmations. I honestly didn’t think they worked and saw them as useless.

Then life humbled me. Now I say them like my life depended on them because, in a way, it does

Affirmations are words, phrases, and statements to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

I’ll do a deep dive into the subconscious mind later, but what you need to know is that your subconscious mind is in charge of your life 95% of the time.

Have you ever wondered why you do not have to think about activities like walking, brushing your teeth, and driving every time you do it?

It’s because your subconscious is running all those programs in the back of your mind to reserve your energy.

But it also holds things like limiting beliefs that you learned earlier in your life and are drastically impacting your right now.

That’s where affirmations come in; they help you reprogram your subconscious mind so you can align your dreams with your reality.

The right affirmations can drastically change your life, as long as you say them with conviction and faith!


3 benefits of gratitude:

The last element of a morning routine to help you 10x your self-trust is gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices you can cultivate to manifest more elements of your dream life and business. 

Here are three benefits of gratitude:

  • Gratitude pulls you out of your head: Whenever you express gratitude in your life, you stop worrying about the future and obsessing about the past. You focus on what’s working and not what’s lacking.
  • Gratitude grounds you in the present moment: Once you focus on what’s working, you’ll bring yourself into the present moment. The present is the only place where we can change our life and the life of our business.
  • Gratitude opens the floodgates for more financial abundance: When you focus your attention on the present moment, you can take action from a space of abundance instead of scarcity. The law of attraction states that you are what you attract, so if you act with a scarcity and lack mindset, you’ll have more of that. On the other hand, if you operate with gratitude and overflow, you’ll attract more of that.

Let’s put it all together!

A step-by-step look on how to thrive during your day - infographic
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Here’s a simple easy to apply version to get you started.

The Body, Mind, Spirit, Morning Ritual – The “BMS” Morning Ritual

Step 1: Schedule it – Block 15 – 30 minutes on your calendar every day before starting the day. Yes, this includes weekends!

Step 2: Move Your Body – Play your favorite song and move your body for 5 – 10 minutes. You can use the playlist I shared with you; here is a great time to do some light yoga if you don’t feel like dancing.

Step 3: Calm Your Mind –  Using a yoga mat, lay on your back and take 15 deep breaths. You can use the calm app; they have tons of guided meditations to get you started. 

Step 4: Listen to Your Spirit – Using a journal, express gratitude using the journaling prompts above, say your affirmations, set your intention for the day, and acknowledge an area to improve.

Step 5: Repeat + refine based on your needs – Feel free to refine your morning routine regularly. Review it every 7 days when you’re getting started and every 3 –  6 months when you feel more grounded.

Let’s come back to the Self-Trust System

As simple and powerful as this strategy might be, the most important thing you need to understand is your morning routine is only a small part of an effective self-trust strategy.

This system is a proven framework we use to help female founders unleash their self-trust in 90 days without feeling paralyzed by overthinking or fear of failure so that they can live the life they envisioned for themselves.

If you want to get crystal clear on the one thing you should be doing right now to unleash your self-trust, book a call right now.

I’ll personally speak to you live and discuss the best next steps for you!

This is a no-cost call, but my calendar does fill up quickly…

Why are we offering free breakthrough sessions?

Simple – because a percentage of female founders I speak with end up working with us to help them achieve these results. But there’s no pressure – either way, I’ll help you get crystal clear on the 3 exact steps you should be taking right now!”

So again, if you’re serious, book your breakthrough session now.

My name is nory, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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If you want to see how I implement this routine in real-time, check out this story pin on Pinterest. I take you through my current version of this routine and even included my favorite affirmations.

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