iAmHealthyFit Running Club: New Season and Updates


Spring has finally decided to show its face in Portland, OR. The past two weeks the temperature has been hovering from the high 60s to the high 70s. With warmer weather comes more workouts. Portland is one of those cities where the people are very active.

It’s encouraging to see all these people out running and biking this time of the year. It’s no wonder that Portland was ranked 7th last year in the 15 top fittest cities in the United States.

Running Club: New Season and Updates

The iAmHealthyFit Running Club (IAHFRC) is back into the swing of things. Our first run of the year was on March 30th with a short 5K run around the Portland Waterfront. Some of the ladies did interval runs, stopping to do circuit training at each mile.

On April 3rd we did a longer 6 mile run on the Marine Drive Bike Path, which runs along the Columbia River. The Columbia River separates Washington state and Oregon. It’s mostly flat but has beautiful scenery.

After running, we quenched our hunger at a local wing spot called Fire on the Mountain. It was a nice way to spend our Sunday morning.

We ran yesterday, and the high temperature was 82 degrees. We had a pretty decent turnout and a lot of first-time runners. Afterward, we got drinks and food. I’m already looking forward to our next group run (this weekend). If you know anyone who lives in the greater Portland area who wants to join running community, please tell them to hit us up.

I’ve been running a lot lately, but I want to bulk up and get these #gainz. So to revamp my healthy exercises, I signed up for a 24-hour fitness super sports club membership. I like it because I can go to any 24-hour fitness gyms in the country (with the exception of 3).

I missed going to a real gym instead of making my apartment gym try to work. I’ve noticed gains already and am looking forward to a summer of #TeamNoShirt on a beach near you.

Since I love running so much and I’m also on the quest of #gainz I’ve increased my caloric intake. To help me track my progress with eating I downloaded myfitnesspal which has been a great aid. Currently, I’m slated to consume 3500 calories a day which I usually hit five days a week.

Summer isn’t here yet, but we’re off to a great start. What are your fitness goals? Are you ready for the summer?

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