How To Lose 8 Inches in 14 Days Using This Amazing Vegan Detox

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been doing my vegan detox in preparation for the IAHF Detox Challenge. If you want to know what I did keep reading, but first I want to share my amazing results.

Since I started my 14-day detox I’ve lost between 6 – 8 inches all over my body. This is in large due to focusing on what I eat. Before you run to the gym, you should take some time to figure out ways to eat healthier during the day.

Yenory’s results after the 14 day detox!

Honestly, I did not start exercising until day seven of my detox and only worked-out four times a week for about 30 minutes. My workout routine was simply to keep me moving.

I wanted to focus on food because eating clean is at the core of healthy living and the key to taking control of your weight.

In my post “4 Reasons That Will Make You Go Vegan,” I talk about how veganism really helps with sleeping. That’s why it was no surprise that since detoxing, I am sleeping much better.

Recently I’ve been struggling with my sleeping patterns. You know life is happening, I am stressed, worrying too much about things I can’t control, I haven’t been in the right mental space. Since going vegan, my sleep has gotten much better. I sleep the whole night (6 – 7 hours) and my body is awake and ready to go for our daily 5 am wake-up call. Yes, I wake up at 5 am, LOL!

Before I began my detox, I was not drinking enough water. Don’t ask me why, I am usually good with that stuff. But for some reason I couldn’t get it done. Since substituting all my drinks with water, I am back on it.

One technique that has really helped me, is attaching my water intake to certain times during the day.

For example, I try to drink at least 50oz of water before noon, which is roughly 6 glasses of water. You do not have to start there, find your sweet spot and stay consistent.

Infused water is a great way to stay hydrated.

Experts say that you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. For example, if you weight 140 pounds, you should drink 70oz of water everyday. I aim for 100oz because the more water you drink, the better your body feels. Once again, you do not have to start at 100 oz, start with the recommended amount based on how much you weight.

What’s so bad about alcohol?

Before starting the challenge, I was drankin’ A LOT! It wasn’t every day (mainly on weekends) but it was definitely more than the recommended two glasses (as if we measure wine lol). This was part of the reason I had to detox.

I remember getting back to DC after thanksgiving break and feeling sluggish and heavy. Even though holidays are for enjoying yourself, I did too much too fast and my body did not like it.

According to an article published on Women’s Health Magazine, “Too much booze can deplete you of the nutrient B12, which can lead to fatigue and, in extreme cases, light-headedness and confusion”. This explains why having a bad hangover goes hand in hand with sleeping all day.

Source: Wine Enthusiat

Alcohol also ruins your sleep.

“We know it sounds counterintuitive since a glass of wine tends to chill you out enough to fall right to sleep, but you won’t actually get quality rest with alcohol. Booze reduces REM sleep, and without it, you’ll feel like you never got any shuteye at all”, Women’s Health Magazine.

That explains why I was not sleeping well, even on weekends.

In my piece, “5 Reasons Why Your Detox Is Not Working: And How To Fix It!” I covered why detoxes are good for your body. Specifically, how taking things out of your diet, really help your body detox on its own faster. The issue is that we often over work our organs by eating too many unhealthy foods. That’s why cutting alcohol is so important, because you give your liver and other organs the time they need to fix your unhealthy behaviors.

I love packing my snacks when I travel. It saves money and avoids Hangry episodes!

The past 14 days have not been easy. I’ve been tempted to eat unhealthy things everyday, but I stick to my goals by being prepared and always having healthy foods with me. With proper preparation I was able to stay on track during my recent business trip to Orlando. Learn how you can make this work on the road!

If you are ready to find out the step-by-step process to my detox, sign up for the next Detox Challenge starting on April 17th. I will be sharing my meal prep technique, my recipes, exercise routine and giving away some of my favorite products!

Detoxing once a month will changed your life!

Sign Up Closes April 12th, 2017.

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  1. I think prepared meals will help me in the long run. I’m praying for the beginning of the detox until the end. Iamhealthyalso.

  2. Hi i signed up for the detox challenge. But im having trouble downloading the shopping list. Is there a way you can email it to me?

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